Deborah Milosevich

Facilitator since February 1, 2013

Deborah Milosevich
2815 24th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79410 (United States)
P 806 795 4805
P 806 252 4110


I have been a working artist for 30 years. My work seems to be something I have to do in order to feel “right” in the world.

I have also been leading SoulCollage® workshops since taking the facilitator training with Seena Frost, the creator of SoulCollage®. I was drawn to this process because it is a very intuitive process in which anyone can be successful. I believe that most everyone would like to create art but can be stopped by lack of opportunity or feel that there is a right way for it to be done. Well... SoulCollage® just seems to handle all of those concerns.

I really love making SoulCollage® cards and the reading of the cards adds a whole new dimension to the process. The personal insight gained from the readings is soulful and revealing. The process of working with a group and sharing the cards also creates a deep sense of community. This is a deep and moving process and I am totally hooked!

I have taught SoulCollage workshops in Lubbock and Austin, Texas, Taos, New Mexico and San Miguel de Allende. As a professional artist, I show my work at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos, New Mexico. For many years, I have also led art workshops for a women’s leadership program as well as various groups of people in sacred art workshops. For the past 15 years, I have taught Art Appreciation for Texas Tech University.