SoulCollage® Institute Offers Online Gatherings and Classes!

New to SoulCollage®? Learn how it can change YOUR world.

How many of these speak to you as they do to us?

  • Wanting to ground into the authentic YOU by listening to the true voice of your own soul?
  • Looking to heal aspects of yourself in a gentle and profound way?
  • Yearning to connect to a generous and like-minded community?
  • Thinking about the personal legacy you want to leave to your family or the world?
  • Knowing it is time to finally do something for YOURSELF?
  • Seeking a way to tap into your creative soul?
  • Looking to start a new business venture or add another dimension to your current mix?

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We Invite You to a SoulCollage® SALON™!

The SoulCollage® SALON™ format is a 1.5 hour community gathering for discussing a particular application of SoulCollage®. Some SALON™ topics are about certain aspects of the personal use of SoulCollage® and how this creative process can intuitively and profoundly bring you guidance to those questions that keep popping up. Like…"What message do you have for me in how I might stay connected to my heart in the midst of my busy day?"....Or "What guidance can you share about setting boundaries in a particular relationship?"

Other offerings are about particular professional applications of this process. If you are using or want to use SoulCollage® in your work, you might come to a SALON™ or a specific class to learn if SoulCollage® is something that will benefit your clients and complement your current business offerings. Or learn how others in your field are using it. You will have an opportunity to discuss something close to your heart with others who also are passionate about this particular application of SoulCollage®. Licensed professionals may be able to receive CEUs for attending these classes. (See CEU information.)

See an example of a recent SALON™ offering: Bringing SoulCollage® to Spiritual Settings.

Share with Like-Minded Souls

Many people who are making SoulCollage® cards have told us they long for people with whom to share it. You can witness others reading from their own cards, speaking from their authentic voice, and feel the pieces that resonate with your own while connecting with a community of like-minded souls.

What We Value

Are you wanting to deepen your work with SoulCollage®?

Do you want to learn more about SoulCollage® and new ways of using it? These offerings can assist you to integrate the process on deeper levels. You can talk about and show your cards. You can speak from your cards. You can discover more of the wisdom that resides within you and begin to see those shifts in your life that you are wanting.

Some of us live in an area where there are no SoulCollage® workshops or groups. And plenty of us have such busy schedules that it would be nice to be in community from the comfort of our own homes.

SO… we are bringing it to you!



View and Register for our Current Online SALONS and classes.

Choose what speaks to you.

All are rewarding and fun, all without even leaving home. There are classes that include

  • Several sessions in a series on a diversity of topics
  • Advanced offerings for more in-depth discussion on topics that appeal to you
  • One-time moderated discussion groups called SoulCollage® Salons

Did you miss a Class? No Problem.

Most live classes and SALONS are recorded. If you had to miss the live class, but are interested in hearing the discussions and receiving the information.

SALONS and classes now available for purchase and download.

SoulCollage® Facilitators: Please log in and CLICK HERE to see a schedule of SoulCollage® Institute extended training courses designed just for trained SoulCollage® Facilitators.

* CEUs are available from SoulCollage Inc. for MFTs and LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. A certificate of completion will be provided by SoulCollage Inc. #4889 for the number of hours listed in the class. Any class participant who is licensed in a state other than California must check with that state's licensing board to determine if credits granted in a particular class will be accepted by that board. We do not have CEUs available at the present time for other licenses (e.g., psychologists and nurses.) Please contact if you wish a CEU completion certificate. When you buy a class, choose the payment amount, which includes the $10 CEU fee. Those who participante in a live class fill out a short evaluation to receive a certificate for CEUs. If you buy a recorded class, you must also take a test reviewing the content and receive a 70% score on it to receive the CEU certificate.

The ATCB (Art Therapy Credentials Board) accepts SoulCollage® Institute and SoulCollage®  Facilitator Training CEUs for continuing education credit for ATR-BCs because these courses are accepted for continuing education credits by the  California Board of Behavior Sciences mental health licensure board.

The views expressed in these courses are solely those of the presenter in his or her private capacity and do not in any way respresent the views of SoulCollage Inc.

SoulCollage® and the Paradigm Shift: 2011 Community Oracle

See hundreds of SoulCollage® cards in this stunning video. Many SoulCollage® Facilitators loaned their cards for this collective exhibition of the transformational power of SoulCollage®.