Unlocking the Power of the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck

Previously Recorded Course


Audrey Chowdhury, M.S., ATR-BC

Date Recorded:  11-04-12 (3 Sessions)
Cost: $66 plus $10 for CEUs (PayPal buttons below) Circle Members please login and purchase through SoulCollage® Institute.
CEUS: 4.5 - A 3-part Course

Description: In this course, you explore the transformative power inherent in the structure of your deck; learn to decide what suit a card belongs in; and learn to bring the deep wisdom and power of the four suits into your personal practice of SoulCollage® with your own deck and into the workshops you facilitate.

Audrey Chowdhury, art therapist and SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer, and author of the CD: Using SoulCollage® in Spiritual Settings will be your host for this salon. Audrey is also the author of CD: Discovering the Suits in Your SoulCollage® Deck and CD: Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage® Cards: Sound, Image & Music.

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You will receive the following class materials:

Session 1:

  • An audio recording of large group proceedings
  • Five aspects of mother
  • Guided Imagery for the Suits
  • Versions of the Fool
  • Exercises for Session 1
  • Reasons to put your cards in Suits
  • Suits diagram
  • The Energy of Your Cards
  • Three Keys to the Power of SoulCollage®

Session 2: 

  • An audio recording of large group proceedings
  • Deciding Which Suit a Card Belongs To
  • Exercises for Session 2
  • Ideas for Playing with Your Cards
  • Some Notes About the Suits

Session 3:  

  1. An audio recording of large group proceedings
  2. Exercises for Session 3
  3. Shadow in Suits
  4. Something to Try with Conflicting Neters

4.5 CEUs Granted for Completing this Course. See more...


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