Aimee Shaw

Facilitator since October 17, 2014

Aimee Shaw
Austin, Texas 78728 (United States)


     I AM.

     Within all that I AM, I have a history full of profound and life changing experiences, all of which have awakened and initiated me to a shamanic path. I am a 14 year metastatic inflammatory breast cancer survivor. Healing from physical illness is so much more than the physical, and demands emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing too. I found SoulCollage® through my search for healing modalities, and it has been a key aspect of my own healing and awakening. I continue my own SoulCollage® process as a means to give space to the journey deep within myself to discover all that I AM. I believe in the process of SoulCollage® so much that I was inspired to become a facilitator. I have an extensive history of working with people, and facilitating a variety of groups in a professional setting- I have an M.A. and was a social worker prior to my cancer recurrence in 2006. I am currently a shamanic practitioner.

     As a facilitator, my vision for my SoulCollage® practice is to encourage smaller community formation amongst specific groups who are in need of a safe, contained space for self exploration, expression, and support, and to facilitate the SoulCollage® process with the intention of healing.

     I'm really excited to continue my life's work, and look forward to building community, getting to know you, and encouraging and supporting you in your own journey as you explore and meet yourself through the SoulCollage® process.

Description of SoulCollage® work

     I have a passion for working with people in meaningful ways, and for soul tending. I see the SoulCollage® process as fundamentally soul retrieval and integration, and connect with the power it has to heal and bring one into wholeness. I bring a more enhanced perspective and experience to the SoulCollage® process because of my shamanic practice.

     I am open to working with individuals, and to solely teaching introductory workshops on how to SoulCollage®, but I believe in the power of community, and I prefer to develop and facilitate groups.

     I am interested in facilitating a group for caretakers of children/adults with special needs. Being a mom to a special needs adult, I understand how difficult self-care can be, and yet how important it is. I am also interested in facilitating SoulCollage® work with wounded veterans/military and their spouses and children.

     Please contact me with your questions, or to discuss your interest in SoulCollage® or shamanism.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards


     I began SoulCollaging® in 2011. Because I am a writer, it can be difficult for me to "get out of my head." While writing offers self-expression, I find the in-the-moment aspects of creating SoulCollage® cards to be grounding, and to provide a different form of self-expression that is more than cathartic- it is has helped me explore deeper ways of knowing and integrating myself to wholeness. My own deck is 150+ cards, and there are representations of all the Suits, including Transpersonal Cards. Because I have used my card creation with intent of healing, many of my cards have strong aspects of Shadow. Through my own cards I have explored self-love, dream work, self-image, strengths, supports, forgiveness, grief/loss, relationships, roles, spiritual connection, Higher Self/Soul Essence, and of course, archetypes. In addition to Seena's original vision of the SoulCollage® deck, I also have a dream suit, an astrological suit, and a shamanic suit. I have created cards for each single facet in my own shamanic archetype constellation (collaborating the work of Andrew Camargo with the School of Modern Soul Science).

     I have found the readings of my own SoulCollage® cards to be invaluable, as they give voice to and affirm my intuition and inner wisdom. They connect me to an infinite source of Love and strength within me. I do use them in shamanic practice.

     I have always been a creative person, but physical disabilities and lack of practical skill limit my ability to express myself through visual arts. I tend to lack the patience to develop the skills I would need to produce art at the level I would want to produce it. But I found the technical process of creating SoulCollage® cards to be easy, non-intimidating, and managable. My own experience assures me that nearly anyone can create a SoulCollage® card.