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SoulCollage® is a creative and satisfying collage process. You make your own deck of cards—each collage card representing one aspect of your personality or Soul. Use the cards intuitively to answer life's questions and participate in self-discovery. Joyfully deepen your understanding of the relationships between your personality parts, you and your family/community/world, and you and your dreams, symbols, and Spirit. Founder Seena B. Frost's book, SoulCollage® Evolving, describes how to make and use the SoulCollage® cards individually and in groups.

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Karen Mann on 1 min video (below):
I love that the answers to my questions about my life
from consulting these beautiful SoulCollage® cards 
that I've made myself, about myself.


The History of SoulCollage®

ImageIt began with a gleam in Seena's eye...

Seena Frost began to create the SoulCollage® process in the late 1980s. See SoulCollage® Historical Timeline. The seeds for the flowering of SoulCollage® were sown in her final project for a three-year "Human Capacities" program led by Jean Houston from 1987 to 1989.

Seena says, "It was a time when I was immersed in world myths and archetypal psychology, and also I was exploring various spiritual paths. I was also practicing psychotherapy in my professional practice. The card-making process evolved over time with the aid of many women in my therapy groups. As they made their powerful, personal cards, shared them with each other and consulted them, we discovered the transforming possibilities of these images."

Inspiration for the development of the SoulCollage® process

In those on-going therapy groups, and over several years, Seena, along with her clients and workshop participants, developed the structures of the four suits, the personal collaged cards, and the style of doing intuitive readings. The work of C.J. Jung, James Hillman, Roberto Assagioli, and others formed the psychological and spiritual underpinnings.

Originally, it was named the "Neter Card" process. Neters were, in ancient Egyptian lore, the gods and goddesses that came forth from the One Neter, or Source, to help or challenge humans. The word "Neter" continues to be used in SoulCollage® to indicate each of the many guides, allies, and challengers depicted in the images on our SoulCollage® cards.

The name "SoulCollage"

Kylea and Jim working on Seena's book

Jim Schofield (left, doing a Reading in his Training group) suggested the name "SoulCollage" as a replacement for the then-named "Neter Card" process, because it was a term easier to remember and more descriptive. This new name received the stamp of approval from a consensus of all Seena's long-time group members. The name reminds us that all the cards in our SoulCollage® deck together comprise the "collage of our soul." 

In our international work, we continue to use this trademarked name without translating it, so that "SoulCollage®" can become an internationally recognized "brand."

The SoulCollage® book

Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield came to a "Neter Card" workshop in Seena's home in 1998 and were so impressed by this elegant process that they offered to publish Seena's first book from their publishing company, Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc. Seena famously said, "what book?" and then agreed.

Over the next three years, the three of them worked to assemble card images and words from the more than forty people who were then working intensively with the process in therapy groups and workshops in Seena's living room. 

Seena wrote the manuscript. Kylea edited it. Bonny McGowan created the initial, interior book design for Seena's manuscript. Daniel Cook completed the book interior, the cover, and designed our logo. Seena's first book, SoulCollage: An Intuitive Process for Individuals and Groups, was published in 2001. In 2002 that book was chosen as a finalist for the prestigious Nautilus Book Award.

In 2010 a revised and expanded SoulCollage® Evlolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community was published. This book replaced the first one. It won two book awards: a Silver Medal from The Nautilus Book Awards and finalist in the Body, Mind, & Spirit category from Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Awards.


Translations of SoulCollage® EvolvingMariabruna Sirabella

Mariabruna Sirabella (right) became SoulCollage® Translations Coordinator working together with Hanford Mead Publishers Inc. to make SoulCollage® materials available in languages other than English. 

SoulCollage® Evolving now has been printed in three languages other than English: Dutch, German, and Mandarin. It is available as a Kindle e-book in French.

Ebook translations of SoulCollage® Evolving are in progress in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Russian. Seena Frost's audio recordings are also being translated. Some are already available in Italian and Dutch.

Other products

Kylea and Jim saw the need for additional SoulCollage® products to make it easier for people to get started and continue creating with SoulCollage®.

They produced professionally-cut, blank matboard cards to make it easy for people to get started creating their deck of cards and Seena made her first two audio recordingsIntroduction to SoulCollage® and Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups. In 2008 Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc. released Seena's series Your SoulCollage® Cards of six more CDs offering in-depth teachings about the four SoulCollage® suits, as well as Doing Readings & the Transpersonal Cards, and Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage®. Seena also recorded a wonderful CD entitled SoulCollage® & Paradigm Shift. Other Trainers also created audio presentations on SoulCollage® &....(...art therapy, ...spiritual settings, ...grief, ...the SoulCollage® suits, and ...transforming conflict.) 

The Principles of SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is a trademarked process with just a few requirements to follow when using it or talking about it with others. The bulleted list of what makes SoulCollage® SoulCollage® is available at SoulCollage® Principles. These include certain elements that should be included in SoulCollage® work, such as non-competitive artistic expression and the "I Am One Who..." exercise and SoulCollage® Readings. SoulCollage® cards are for personal and inner exploration. They are to be shared, but not to be sold, traded, or bartered.

Please read the full version of these guidelines, The Principles of SoulCollage®.

The SoulCollage® Organization

Kylea Taylor & Jim Schofield (2019)Since the Trainings were so successful, with many enthusiastic people wanting to take this Training, Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield continued revising and expanding the soulcollage.com website they had built. They anticipated there was potential to build a new paradigm community of SoulCollage® Facilitators and SoulCollagers who wanted to cooperate and share with each other and reach out to others about the fun, self-discovery, and creative opportunities of SoulCollage®.

Seena Frost was at this point in a phase of life where she couldn't afford to invest income from the Trainings to pay for needed organizational growth: website, trademark registration, and other expenses which were growing as SoulCollage® spread. Seena had never been interested in the business end of SoulCollage® anyway, but she loved her Founder role, inspiring Facilitators as a teacher, writer, and mentor to the growing community who so loved her process.

Nonetheless, investment of money and time in the business was needed if SoulCollage® were to thrive. In 2009, Jim and Kylea proposed a solution and Seena readily agreed.  

Because Jim and Kylea both felt called to put their experience to the task of making SoulCollage® available worldwide, they each invested in SoulCollage® with some money they had received after their parents died. They set up the corporation, SoulCollage Inc.

For most of their working lives, Kylea and Jim had worked in management of businesses. Jim had been a programmer and VP of marketing for a computer company in Silicon Valley, and Kylea had been Executive Director of a non-profit counseling center. They both had learned much about organizational development and management. They knew a lot especially about running a training company and supporting a community of practitioners because of their many years facilitating Holotropic Breathwork™ workshops together and Kylea's work as a trainer for the Grof Transpersonal Training. 

According to their agreement with Seena, SoulCollage Inc. provided her with a quarterly stipend during her lifetime and continued also to pay her to teach in the California Trainings. This arrangement helped Seena live out her life comfortably and with her sole responsibility being to provide inspiration to the growing community. Many Facilitators traveled to California to meet and train with Seena especially. Seena wrote a column each month for The Neter Letter, a newsletter for Facilitators, and was the favorite presenter of everyone as "Ms. Anne Thrope" at conferences.

As entrepreneurs in most developing businesses, Kylea and Jim both worked full time, and any income received from Trainings was completely re-invested for quite a few of the following years in hiring contractors, developing the website and creating the mechanisms for community sharing, such as the interactive website where Facilitators could have their own "webpage" and post their workshops and social media pages.

Kylea selected and mentored SoulCollage® Trainers, did marketing, hired and supervised Virtual Assistants, and managed policies, public relations, and publicity. Jim handled customer service issues for both product sales and website questions, and took care of all purchasing and financial accounting. They worked together on setting major directions, marketing, contracts, and handling legal issues that arose, such as trademark registration, trademark infringement, and other matters. Kylea continued assisting Seena at her Trainings until Mariabruna Sirabella took over that role. When Seena retired from Training, she gave Mariabruna her handmade replica of Indra's Net. Mariabruna became not only a Trainer, but a mentor of new Trainers. 

Kylea and Jim decided early that SoulCollage® would do best as a community of entrepreneurs, as they knew business ownership was empowering. Alia Moore, a long-time friend of Kylea's, became the first contracted Virtual Assistant. She assisted Kylea, and served as editor, initiating and publishing the Facilitators' newsletter, The Neter Letter. She retired in 2014. All SoulCollage® Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurial contractors. All SoulCollage® Trainers are entrepreneurs. Unless they are working where they facilitate, most Facilitators run their own businesses of Facilitating SoulCollage® workshops.

The SoulCollage® Trainings

After publishing Seena's book and setting up the website, Kylea Taylor and Jim Schofield had suggested to Seena that it would be good to start a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training program. Seena agreed, and so Seena and Kylea formed a partnership. Together they designed and offered the first SoulCollage® Facilitator Training in Santa Cruz, California in September 2003 (left.) Seena taught about the process of SoulCollage® and Kylea taught Facilitators about ethics, the skill of facilitating, and about entrepreneurial business skills as a SoulCollage® Facilitator. Kylea managed the business end of their partnership.

The Trainings continue to be in much demand. They have attracted people from many US states and nearly 50 other countries. The people who were completing the Training began using SoulCollage® in diverse ways and contexts.

Facilitators introduce SoulCollage® to many different ethnic, ages, socio-economic and other groups of people, including: women, men, artists, writers, school children, those recovering from addiction and/or trauma, those enrolled in adult community education, those grieving or dealing with terminal illness, teenagers (both in the context of education or social services). Some have used SoulCollage® with their homeopathy clients as an additional diagnostic tool. Some have taken SoulCollage® to present at professional conferences or used it in business for organizational development. Facilitation of SoulCollage® is offered by those doing individual and group therapy or coaching, by ordained or lay ministers in churches or on retreats, and by those who simply bring together a group of friends for art, fun, and sharing.

SoulCollage® Facilitators join a Facilitators' Circle. SoulCollage ® Facilitators often come together in Regional SoulCollage® Facilitator Groups to support each other in their professional work and strengthen their own personal practice with SoulCollage®. 

"SoulCollagers" have published many blogs and FaceBook pages on the web. SoulCollage® Trainer, Anne Marie Bennett, has published a wide variety of ebooks and workbooks about SoulCollage® and manages her own separate company which is devoted to SoulCollage®, KaleidoSoul

As of April 5, 2020, there are 4,336 Facilitators in 49 countries, including Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

SoulCollage® Trainers

In 2007, Seena and Kylea began the invitational SoulCollage® Trainer Program, asking several experienced SoulCollage® Facilitators to become SoulCollage® Trainers in this entrepreneurial, cooperative venture of bringing new SoulCollage® Facilitators into the Community. We are especially pleased to have Trainers in a number of geographical locations. 

As of February 2020, there are 24 other Trainers: Catherine Anderson (North Carolina and South Africa), Jenn Boire (Canada), Marcia Chadly (Colorado), Fabiana Geraldi (Brazil), Colleen Haggerty (Oregon, Washington), Judith Heidrich (Florida), Kat Kirby (Arizona, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania), Mirabai Joan Kolari (California, Europe), Laura Liu (Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China), Cristina P. Lopes (Brazil), Lisa Miller (Kentucky), Maria Odette S. Maciel (Brazil), Beth Marcil (Hawaii), Kellie McComb (Canada), Isabel Phillips (Massachusetts), Alexandra Raffin (France), Amy Rogers (Vermont, New York), Lucy Schaaphok (Netherlands and Belgium), Michal Shahom-Shaviv (Israel), Bronwyn Shaunessy (Australia), Mariabruna Sirabella (California, Canada, Europe, Taiwan, South America, Russia), Andrea Thüler (Switzerland, Germany), Linda Woolfson (UK, Portugal), and Chantel Zimmerman (California). See our current schedule of Trainings.

The Trainers work together closely and also provide counsel to Kylea and Jim regarding matters of the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training.

SoulCollage® Facilitator International Conferences

There have been nine well-received conferences for trained SoulCollage® Facilitators. Facilitators can read more about these conferences HERE after signing in on the website. 

  • The first conference was held at Skyote Retreat Center, Santa Cruz, CA in 2007 (20 attended). Fran Cherlow coordinated.
  • The second conference, "It Takes a Village - Healing the World with SoulCollage®!", was held at Asilomar in Monterey, CA in 2008 (50 attended). Kat Kirby, Nancy Weiss, Jean Weiss, and Karin Lubin coordinated.
  • The third conference, "Creating a Common-unity: Dancing with Our Shadows in the Light of the Desert", was held at the Sanctuary Retreat Center in Tubac, Arizona in 2009 (65 attended). Michelle Manos and Barb Horn coordinated it.
  • The fourth conference, “Nurturing our Souls Through Life’s Seasons”, was held near Baltimore, Maryland USA September 8-11, 2011 (95 attended).
  • The fifth International SoulCollage® Facilitators' Conference was held at Skamania Lodge in Stephenson, Washington USA Oct 24-27, 2013 on the Columbia Gorge, (210 attended). Diane Jacobson Born coordinated. More than two dozen volunteers assisted.
  • The sixth international conference was held in Tuscania, ITALY June 2016. Three tracks (movement, photography, and writing) allowed participants from 13 countries to explore connections between these functions and SoulCollage®. Marina Argenti, Carola Scorrano, and Mariabruna Sirabella coordinated with the support of volunteers.
  • The seventh Facilitators' Conference (September 15-18, 2016) in Los Gatos, CA USA took the form of a symposium for licensed therapists to talk about the use of SoulCollage® in therapy. Mariabruna Sirabella and Kylea Taylor were the conference organizers.
  • The eighth Facilitators' Conference, SoulCollage® and the Four Directions held in Lyons, CO USA from September 29-October 2, 2016, explored the Native American traditions. Kat Kirby was the conference organizer.
  • The ninth Facilitators Conference, The Summer Solstice: Seasons, Cycles, and a Time of Fullness, held in Sorano ITALY June 16-23, 2019 offered three pathways: The Labyrinth, Your Timeline, and The Transformation Game®. Mariabruna Sirabella and Laura Pieretti were the conference organizers.

​So many Facilitators have helped SoulCollage® evolve

It is impossible here to name everyone. Every Annual Report to Facilitators now lists the names of dozens and dozens of Facilitators whom we honor for their contributions. These are people who are paid Virtual Assistants or who have volunteered their time to write books and articles, edit, produce conferences, manage social media, support Trainings with registration and materials, act as Regional SoulCollage® Facilitator Group Coordinators for local groups, post suggestions and tips to other Facilitators. Our community so appreciates their cooperation and enthusiasm as we help each other bring SoulCollage® to ever more people who can make use of it throughout the world

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this ever-evolving history. We hope, if you are interested and haven't already taken the Training, that you will find a Training that suits you best and you will join our Community.