The meaning of the word Soul, in SoulCollage® work, is inclusive. It includes all the Neters of the personal self: the personality parts, including the ego, and the energies of the physical body, and the archetypes that come from cosmic realms to influence us, and even other sentient beings. In other words, all the Neters of the four suits are included in Soul. This Soul, as we use the word in SoulCollage,® might also be called the Whole Self. And it is actually holy purely because it is a form manifested originally from Source. No matter how shadowed the Soul becomes through a lifetime, at its core there is a spark of the holy, of Source.

Together We Are Evolving!

The first SoulCollage® book was printed in 2001, and at its conclusion I wrote these words: “How each of us nurtures, heals, and explores Soul will have impact on the vast cultural changes beginning to manifest. If we become more Soul-Conscious, we will become more powerful and effective as Lightbearers, as Warriors, as Wise Women and Wise Men of the 2000s.”

Now it is nine years later, and I am writing the final words of this second book. The Larger Story has evolved since then. There are even more rumblings about a paradigm shift happening in the world than in 2000. Many healers, teachers, and even astrologers are talking about it…

I like to think that SoulCollage® has become one of the “imaginal cells” working within this still cocooned “old caterpillar” of a society to help it transform into the new “butterfly” of a society that many are envisioning. We are joining other communities of awakened human beings, and adding our special gifts of images, intuition, and imagination. We are working towards the balance of left and right brain hemispheres, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies. We are working to end the dualisms that separate people into good and evil camps by teaching that all beings are unique and at the same time holy, each being blessed with a spark of Source.

I invite you to join the community of SoulCollage® and be part of this paradigm shift, using the special tools described in this book.

"I Am One Who..."

From the time you tear out your first image and wonder what it symbolizes, begin to use the I Am One Who… process to let the image speak to you. This is not the same as analyzing or interpreting the image, ways your logical mind will want to use. This is an intuitive way of listening to the self and is a well-respected form of empathic participation in the essence of something or someone. In this case gives life and surprising consciousness to what looks like just a photo. At first it may seem awkward or childish to speak aloud this way, but trust that there is “gold” in this process, and give it a try. You can begin practicing the I Am One Who… with an image you have just torn out, and later with images on the cards you create. It will be a primary tool in the readings you do with cards, and I’ll describe how those are done in a moment. First gaze deeply at your image. Is it a person? A child? Is it an animal? Perhaps a cat? Is it a non-being? Perhaps a tree? Step into the image and feel its energy, its mood, its intention. Imagine it has a history, and that it has a voice. Begin to speak, or write if you are journaling, using the words, I Am One Who… and go on from there, describing yourself as if you were the image, where you are, what you are doing, giving little personal descriptions...These two activities: finding a compelling image and then speaking aloud and spontaneously from this image, are the two core pieces of the SoulCollage® process. Under many of the cards in this book you will be able to read a few of the I Am One Who… words that the creator of each card has recorded. Look at the images and then read these. This will give you a good feel for this practice.

Making a Card for the Inner Healer

There are a number of current writers who teach about using intuitive skills in one’s own self-healing. Carolyn Myss in her Energy Anatomy (book and audio) teaches of various ways we can call on our Inner Healer, a Council member, to assist us in our own health care. I recom¬mend that everyone create a card for this archetype, using whatever image or images of a Divine Healer feel most powerful. Make this card even if you seem to have little need for such a Healer just now. At some deep level of psyche, we all need healing, and having the image present in your deck will bring you into a greater state of consciousness about your own health.

As you work intuitively with your cards, consulting them and bringing in the Divine Healer and other archetypes to dialogue with suffering parts, you may discover clues to self-care. These may be in the form of specific directions to change your pace, your relationships, your work habits or situation—all pos¬sible changes for finding better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

SoulCollage® Readings

Your SoulCollage® deck may eventually contain a hundred or more cards. However, as soon as you have created a few you can begin to consult them about questions that matter to you. We call this intuitive process “doing a reading,” and basically it is dialoguing with your own inner guides or Neters. Very of¬ten the answers you receive from deep within your Soul are surprising, wise, and, once in a while, life changing.

Reading SoulCollage® cards is not the same as consulting divinatory cards such as the Tarot although the actual physi¬cal process is similar. Briefly, here are the basic steps in our process:

1. First you write down your personal question.
2. Then you draw from your deck a certain number of cards without looking at them, putting them face down in front of you.
3. Then, one at a time, you turn the cards over and ask each image your question.
4. Holding each card in turn, step into the image, and, starting with the I Am One Who… words, speak to your question from the energy and wis¬dom and perspective of this Neter.

This form of a reading is not something esoteric or occult. It is not about forecasting the future. The cards do not have meanings prede¬termined by any tradition or another person. Each card has a meaning that you will intuit for yourself, and every time an image is consulted, you will come up with your own internal answer. In SoulCollage® no one reads the meaning of the cards for you; you are the reader of your own images, and speak to your own ques¬tions. Even if you are loaned cards from someone else’s deck until you have created enough of your own, even then you read from the images yourself, without any information about them from their creator. Synchronici¬ties may and often do occur around the question and the cards that are drawn, but this is not a process that depends on any unusual or psychic pow¬ers. It is an intuitive dialogue with one of the Neters of your many-faceted Soul. Ev¬eryone has intuition and imagination and is able to do it for oneself.