"SoulCollage® Evolving"

An Intuitive Collage Process
for Self-Discovery & Community

by Seena B. Frost

ISBN# 978-1-59275-021-4

SoulCollage Evolving

Create a Personal Deck of Soul-Tending Cards
Each Card a Mirror of Self and Soul

2010 Book of the Year Finalist by Foreward Reviews
2011 Nautilus Silver Medal Award Winner 

ForeWord Reviews is pleased to announce the 2010 Book of the Year Awards list of finalists. Representing more than 350 publishers, the finalists were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest. SoulCollage® Evolving received its award in the Body, Mind & Spirit category.

The Nautilus Awards recognizes Books and Audio Books that promote spiritual growth, conscious living & positive social change,  while at the same time they stimulate the "imagination" and offer the reader "new possibilities" for a better life and a better world. SoulCollage® Evolving received its award n the Personal Growth/Self-Help/Psychology category.

Anyone can enjoy this multi-leveled, creative process. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, images you can find anywhere, and glue! When you have made some cards, you can consult them, asking important life questions and letting your cards speak your own intuitive wisdom back to you. SoulCollage® is fun to share with friends and in groups for personal enjoyment and self-discovery or to work with professionally, as a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator.

"To ‘evolve” is to develop or arise gradually by a process of growth and change; to unfold." I especially like the image of unfolding, because SoulCollage® is an unfolding process, like a flower beginning to bloom. A core truth, a bud, was present from the first, of course, but this truth needed time to mature, to gain strength and volume before it could fully blossom.

Now the petals are unfurling in surprising and beautiful ways as SoulCollage® Facilitators teach this easy, fun and soul enriching process and as SoulCollagers everywhere create, share, and do readings with the power to transform their lives. SoulCollage® Evolving depicts a flexible, intuitive process that will continue to evolve as more and more people contribute their unique wisdom and creativity." ~ Seena Frost


What's in SoulCollage® Evolving?

SoulCollage® Evolving presents a maturing of Seena Frost's original concepts enriched by the practical experiences of hundreds of SoulCollage® Facilitators applying and teaching this process since 2003. You'll find stories about Facilitators sharing SoulCollage® with children, kids in a hospital and in a group home, teens, cancer patients, men, recovery from addiction and extreme trauma, and in psychotherapy. Facilitators combine SoulCollage® with movement and body work and adapt it for use in ministry, astrology, the labyrinth experience, staff meetings and hospice work.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Basic instructions for how you can easily make and consult your own SoulCollage® cards
  2. Information about the three Transpersonal cards
  3. How you can work with the language of symbols, dreams, and archetypes
  4. How image, intuition, and imagination combine to let wisdom bubble up and answer your deepest questions.
  5. Over 25 stories from Facilitators sharing the diverse ways they use SoulCollage® personally and professionally
  6. How to work with your cards and create community
  7. Photos of new SoulCollage® cards and of SoulCollagers working with cards and sharing with one another
  8. 141 illustrations (cards and photos) plus 8 color plate pages

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Praise for SoulCollage® Evolving...

Seena Frost’s new book, SoulCollage: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community, updates this magical process and makes it even more relevant to an easy and miraculous journey of understanding the self, healing deep wounds, and making clear how to become the creative possibilities we were meant to be. Having the new book symbolically helps me renew my commitment to the process. SoulCollage® is more than a deck of pretty collage pictures. Even non-artists can enter this realm of wonder and quickly experience the awe of giving voice to their inner world. What happens is beyond words in terms of meeting or returning to the self and unleashing the power of what is inside of us. At once, wisdom, contentment, and peace of mind fill the spirit. This new book makes this even easier to happen; this process has changed my life. Spread the word! Thank you, Seena.

Jill Badonsky, Author of The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder and Founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching www.kaizenmuse.com


A Review by Roberta Rook, Hospice Coordinator

In this her second book about SoulCollage®, SoulCollage® Founder Seena Frost offers enhanced and expanded discussions of specific applications of this dynamic technique for self-expression. Hospice staff and those working the field of bereavement in general will find a wealth of suggestions on how to bring SoulCollage® to their patients, family members, and clients. Particularly useful are sections which examine the uses of SoulCollage® for those facing health issues, and in work with children, men, and for those on grief’s journey. Woven throughout are the powerful testimonials and insights of those working to “transform our world” with SoulCollage®. A highly readable and visually inspiring description of an amazing tool for self-discovery—Seena’s warmth and passion for a process she has so lovingly refined shine through each page.

Roberta Rook, MA, LCPC, Bereavement Coordinator, Hospice of the Chesapeake in Maryland and SoulCollage® Trainer. www.illustratedsoul.com


A Review by Sue Gelber

SoulCollage®: An Intuitive Process for Individuals and Groups made its debut in 2001, as a newly pubescent teenager. In her third book, SoulCollage® Evolving, Seena Frost introduces her readers to a now mature SoulCollage® and describes its unfolding in the world at large. She takes her teachings one step further, clarifying the tools of SoulCollage®—a process so universal that it transcends the common limitations of age, income, education, confidence, talent, and personal history. SoulCollage® is simple enough for a child, yet profound enough to change a life.

What occurs when one creates a SoulCollage® deck—i.e., trusting the process and gluing images to standardized mat board "cards," then taking a few minutes to journal from simple prompts—is that the recesses of Soul begin to emerge. Forgotten, yet often cherished, parts of you begin to matter again. Personality traits that were adopted (or adapted) to survive childhood, yet no longer serve your current life, are identified and reconfigured to fit who you are today. More importantly, SoulCollage® creates space for who you are becoming. You now have a personal divinatory tool where you can go to for guidance, support, clarity, and comfort. The magic is that each card is your voice. Each card merely mirrors the inner wisdom that you are now able to access through your chosen images.

As a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, I am pleased that SoulCollage® Evolving kept some of my favorite cards from Seena’s first book, while adding many new ones. (One nice touch was adding an index of photographs.) I love the new opening SoulCollage® card, "Gratitude," which embodies the understated elegance of this book. Seena has simplified concepts, including the SoulCollage® process. Chapter 1 includes a new section that talks about images, cards and copyright considerations. Upfront explanations dispel confusion surrounding SoulCollage® terms, such as Neter, Shadow, and even Soul. A new chapter describes each of the Transpersonal Cards in-depth. SoulCollage® Evolving is more than 40 pages longer than Seena's first book. Even so, it feels streamlined, is a quick read, and leaves me more deeply invested in my own process and the SoulCollage® community.

The content in this book is new—the result of the contributions of an expanding worldwide community of SoulCollagers (almost 1,000 trained SoulCollage® Facilitators), including Seena. And SoulCollage® is not all that's evolving. Seena is not the same person who wrote the first book nine years ago and anyone who's made even one SoulCollage® card is not the same person after reading it. 

Sue Gelber has been a healer in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for 30 years. She is certified to practice Classical Homeopathy in North America, a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, and a trained Spiritual Director, and successfully blends these modalities in a family healthcare practice in northern California.

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Publisher: Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc.
Book Design and Cover Art: Daniel Cook, Daniel Cook Design, Inc.
Softcover, $ 26.95, ISBN# 978-1-59275-021-4

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