SoulCollage® and the Greek goddesses

SoulCollage® and the Greek goddesses

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks asked themselves how everything around them came about. From where comes thunder? How do the seasons change? What causes earthquakes? The Greek Myths were thought of,  to explain all these fenomena and answer these questions. Mountains, flowers, rivers and celestial bodies received a face and a name, to make them more human and more approachable. The Greek created the gods in their image; nothing human is strange to them.

I couldn’t rid myself of my fascination with the Greek myths.

My inspiration comes mostly from the 7 goddesses in the book of Jean Bolen: “Goddesses in everywoman”.  Every goddess stands for a development in the life of a woman. I have taken this and brought it together with the beautiful method of SoulCollage®.

In the introduction workshop the basic principles of SoulCollage® and the powerful effect it can have on your life, are explained.

In the specialised workshop, the principles of SoulCollage® are further illustrated and on the basis of a specific goddess, a specific subject is explored. What is her power? What is her shadow? Do you recognise this in your own life?

We share our experiences, visualise during a mediation what this goddess looks like to us and ask her our questions. Subsequently we make SoulCollage® cards to honour her and to remind us of the new insights that we were given.

Again and again, groups of women are formed, in order to come together 9 times to honour the goddesses in themselves through SoulCollage®. These 9 times include 1 introduction workshop, 7 goddess workshops and 1 final workshop.

Together, these women shape the journey through the Greek Mythology SoulCollage®, make beautiful cards, share magnificent experiences and are gifted with the wonderful memories here off.

Do you want to start your journey with  SoulCollage® and the Greek goddesses?

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