Ann Bauden

Facilitator since September 12, 2010

Ann Bauden
Sacred Elements of Sedona
AZ RT 179
Sedona, Arizona 86336 (United States)
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Greetings,  I am Rev. Ann Bauden, artist, metaphysical teacher, wise woman. (Photo Credit: Paige Sawyer) 

My goal is to empower others by assisting them in discovering their own sacred selves.  Through the work of the SoulCollage® process we focus specifically on strengthening our understanding of our selves through embracing all our different parts;  The Light & Dark

  I have facilitated this amazing process for about 10 years.  However, I have been using the pricess personally for 13 years.  Focus varies per workshop however here are some of my classes; Playing with a Full DeckManifesting the Life You Want, Forgiveness as a Key to PeaceEliminating False Beliefs About Our Selves and SoulCollage® Workshops.  I have in recent years specialized in work with those who are grieving as well as those in recovery.

My current interest in SoulCollage(R) centers on those in recovery.  This is an amazing tool to gather parts of ourselves lost on this earth journey!

My artwork:  Has been shown in a variety of bay area locations and is installed in both commercial businesses as well as in a large hospital on the island of Hawaii.  The work is meant to reflects my personal connectedness to "Spirit, The Higher Self, The Goddess, Holy Mother and  interconnectedness of all beings". 


Description of SoulCollage® work

Through SoulCollage® Workshops we discover the true inner self which gives strength and support to all of our outer life.  Students will be empowered to make and read their own cards through discussion,  images and support.


Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

My personal journey with SoulCollage® began with a class with the wonderful  facilitator Amy Sullivan right here in Pacifica, CA.  We knew each other as artists for years and finally connected in one of her drop in classes for SoulCollage®. 

Being an artist and a minister, I found the process both simple and profound.  My cards just keep manifesting one right after the other.  Having worked with collage especially in the manifestation classes I give and the artist trading cards I make this was a familiar and yet unexplored area for me.  Reading the cards came easily and I found great comfort in putting an image to the voices of my inner self.

My grandson at age 6 requested that I do a workshop for just him.  His cards are amazing and he grasped the concept and the purpose amazingly well!!

 I took my own Facilitators Training in 2010, led by Seena, her marvelous publisher Kylea, Kat & Audrey. 

Other Notes

Direct contact information

Cell:  650-303-0168