Anne Marie Bennett

Facilitator since September 25, 2005

Facilitator trainer since October 7, 2007.

Anne Marie Bennett
PO Box 745
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915 (United States)
P 617-974-7466


Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer and self-taught artist who enjoys playing with mixed-media collage, and all forms of color and words. She has a BS degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State University and has taught children, teens and adults throughout the East Coast. She is a two-time cancer survivor and feels closest to her own soul when she is writing, creating art, teaching, and sharing the gift of SoulCollage® with others. She lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband, an elderly dog (Suzy) and one youthful cat (Louis) who keeps them all young. You can read more about how SoulCollage® assisted her on her cancer journey on her website SOS Cancer Journeys.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I experienced my first SoulCollage® workshop in Oregon at an Art and Soul Retreat and it was love at first card! My first thought on returning home to New England was, “I have to find some people to do this with!” I invited several friends to my house and did a half-day Introduction to SoulCollage® workshop. The next month I did the same thing with another group of friends. We have been spending an afternoon a month together ever since, making cards, sharing our insights, affirming each other’s uniqueness, and doing readings. In sharing SoulCollage® with my friends, I re-discovered the teacher within me who had been silenced for many years. I am now doing workshops at retreat centers, holistic learning centers, community colleges, and local art associations. I am both thrilled and honored to be able to share the gift and magic of SoulCollage® with others.

Trainer Statement

Being a SoulCollage Facilitator is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life!  (to be continued)....

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I have been creating cards for my deck since February of 2005, and I don’t believe I will ever stop! Sometimes I create a card intentionally if there is some inner voice inside of me that is longing for expression, or if I am wanting to honor someone in my community or an animal guide. But most often, the cards create themselves, almost entirely on their own! These are the cards that have the most power for me. There is something very therapeutic (and healing) in paging through magazines, looking for images that are calling out to me, then putting them together with different backgrounds, and finally, listening to what the images are saying to me about my life. For me, the power of SoulCollage comes from recognizing that there are many voices inside of me. Some of them are bright, and some are dark and shadowy, but they are all parts of me that deserve honor and respect. And there is great comfort in knowing that the darker parts of me are not the only parts of me. The simple act of gluing magazine images onto mat board has fed me with grace, grounded me with the roots of inner awareness, and given me wings to fly joyfully into a future of endless possibility.

  • with Anne Marie Bennett,
    SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer

    Seena Frost, birth mother to SoulCollage®, often talked about the Three S’s of this beautiful process. During this nurturing, soul-full retreat, we will focus our card making and journaling on these Three S’s: Sacredness, Synchronicity, and Surprise.

    Give yourself the restful space and time of three wonder-full days with other kindred, creative spirits who love SoulCollage® like you do!  We’ll explore the sacredness of SoulCollage® by surrounding ourselves with the Transpersonal energy of Source, SoulEssence and Witness. 

    We’ll also explore and share the meaning and power of synchronicity (which Carl Jung called “meaningful coincidences”) during our card making and card readings, and delight in the Fool archetypal energy who weaves joyful surprises throughout the SoulCollage® process.

    For more information, please visit this page.

    Laingsburg, Michigan Laingsburg, Michigan
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    July 28, 2017 - 9:00am - July 30, 2017 - 12:00pm
  • Saturday August 19, 2017
    10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    Beverly, MA

    Are you in need of a more light-hearted approach to life, especially right now  with all that is going on in the world?

    Would you like to share a special Saturday with many other soul-full creatives who love SoulCollage®?

    Is it time to add some more humor into your life as well as your SoulCollage® cards?


    Then please come and play with us this summer as we add some much needed light-hearted playfulness, joy, humor, and some really good belly laughs to all of our lives.

    There will be optional breakout sessions that will include teaching and guided imagery on getting in touch with our playful, happy selves, the healing power of humor, journaling, and how we can represent humor and playfulness more fully within our SoulCollage® Decks as well as our daily lives.

    During the last half hour we will come together as a group to look at everyone’s cards, invite closure, and share good-bye laughter and blessings.

    You can make this Play Day whatever YOU want it to be!  If you want to focus on making cards for the whole 6 hours, that’s fine.  If you want to get to know some other participants as well as your cards, you can choose to attend some of the optional workshop sessions in the room next door.

    What are you waiting for?
    Give yourself the gift of getting back in touch
    with your own playful spirit…
    register today!

    ALL materials provided.

    No artistic experience necessary.


    Please bring: journal and pen
    Your favorite card making supplies (IF you have them)
    Any magazines to share with the group
    Your lunch and something to drink (non-alcoholic)

    Visit this page to register now.

    St John's Episcopal Church
    705 Hale St
    Beverly, Massachusetts 01915
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    August 19, 2017 - 10:00am - 4:30pm
  • At this 2-day workshop, you’ll have a chance to focus on intuitive card making, plus we’ll dive deeper into our own selves as we work with the cards through journaling, guided imagery, sacred ceremony, modified movement,  and small group activities that are fun and meaningful.

    If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next steps, SoulCollage® will bring you back home to yourself and give you permission to fully express yourself in a safe environment.

    If you’re already feeling balanced, this workshop will light up your life in a new, playful manner. Either way, you will receive an exciting new tool for opening more fully to your life’s possibilities.

    If you're new to SoulCollage®, this will be an awesome introduction.

    If you're not new to SoulCollage®, this will be an awesome setting for creating cards in community, and tapping into your own inner whispers more fully.

    Your investment varies based on room choice (dormitory, double, or single). Your fee includes all card making materials, handouts, nutritious (and also delicious) meals from the highly-acclaimed Kripalu kitchen, morning and afternoon yoga classes, YogaDance at noon, and more! 

    More info here.

    Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health Lenox, Massachusetts
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    September 29, 2017 - 7:00pm - October 1, 2017 - 12:00pm