SoulCollage® App

A powerful program designed
for your personal SoulCollage® practice.

For iPhones & iPads - Available at the Apple App Store
(search for “SoulCollage”)

The SoulCollage® App is for anyone who has made SoulCollage® cards.
With this App, you can:

  • Store your SoulCollage® cards.
  • Carry them with you on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Show your cards to people you whenever you may be talking about SoulCollage®.
  • Make notes on any card at any time using the keyboard functions on your device.
  • Do readings anywhere: Draw a random card from your deck for a quick “Reading” or draw 4 cards for a traditional Reading.
  • Save your Reading and its notes so that you can view all your past Readings.

Card View Screen

All functions, including the 4-card reading, can best be implemented when at least 5 SoulCollage® cards have been entered into the app. The app becomes more valuable to the user the more cards are added to their deck.

View Past Readings Screen
With 4 Cards Shown at Top

In the 4-Card Reading, enter a question that has importance for you, then click and the app will chose four of your cards randomly and present them face down. You will click on the first card to "turn it over" and let the card "speak" to your question, using the SoulCollage® process in which the image speaks in "its own voice" to give guidance through your own intuition and imagination.

You can enter notes on each card as you work through the Reading. When you are done with the four cards, you can make notes on the Reading as a whole. Then, you can store the Reading and its question, date, and notes for later search and access.


"I used to work in the field of software development before dropping out of Corporate America, so I understand the amount of work that has gone into making this a reality, and I appreciate it SO MUCH – THANK YOU!!! Before I knew that you were doing this, I was thinking of badgering the software developers in my family into making a SoulCollage® app for me… so you have saved me some family stress, and made it happen so much sooner than I would have seen it otherwise!!" ~ Diana Meier


"I've purchased the app yesterday. At first I thought it was too expensive. Then I realized that due to a small market segment, there were no other way. So I quickly made my way to the App Store and acquired the app. I've uploaded my deck (89 cards) with ease and much faster than I anticipated. At first I couldn't imagine using this app, when I have my deck close at hand. I thought I would missed that tactile experience.

Well, that was before I did a test reading. Then I saw that it could come quite handy when pressed for time. Shuffling a 89-card deck takes a while :-) This morning I did an actual 4-card reading. Oh my, I loved it! It was as powerful as any of the readings I have done with my actual deck. I guess Source works through technology too. Not surprising actually since it is all one anyway."
~ Ginette D'Silva, Edmonton, Canada




It is easy to purchase the SoulCollage® app in the App Store, the same as you would any app. Just go to the home screen of your mobile device (the screen which contains all the icons for the different apps) and look for the blue "App Store" icon. Tap the App Store icon and then tap "Search" in the bottom row. (On some devices, the search window will already be seen in the top right of the screen, so there is no search icon on the bottom.) Now type "soulcollage" into the search window which appears at the top of the screen. You will notice the names of the apps which meet your search criteria appearing on the screen below as you type. After you have typed four or five letters, "soulcollage" should appear on the list, and if you tap the word it will bring you to the page where you can purchase and download the app.

The app is now a "universal" app. This means that it has been updated to run optimally on the iPad as well as the iPhone, so it can now be found when searching on the iPad under "iPad Apps" as well as "iPhone Apps". Click here for more information about the new version.

I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the SoulCollage® app. Turns out it works just fine on my iPad 2!!  I am so thrilled with it.  I have been wanting to find a way of organizing my cards and their "I Am One Who..." sayings.  It really makes it so much easier to do readings as well!!  The microphone feature is great, and I love the fact that I can store readings, too. Many thanks to the creators of this App! ~ Maria Starr

“SoulCollage” is a registered trademark licensed to Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc. Go to for more information about the SoulCollage® card-making and reading process and find SoulCollage® workshops and Trainings.

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