App Backup & Restore FAQ

IMPORTANT ALERT: Version 1.3 of the app has been released! Please click on the Version 1.3 link in the menu to the right to learn about the upgrades. Also, be sure to back up your data regularly. This is especially important now, as it may be necessary to restore your data from the backup after updating to the new version.

Also, please note that the iTunes program, through which the Restore function operates, has evolved in appearance recently. The basic functionality is still the same, but we have updated the instructions to reflect the new appearance. Please click on App Backup and Restore in the menu to the right for full instructions.

Why should i back up my data?

Backing up your data makes it possible to recover if you should lose or damage your mobile device, or if the data should become corrupted for some reason.

Is it easy to back up and restore my data?

We have made it very easy to back up your data. Just follow a simple procedure within the app, and your complete database will be emailed to you as an attachment. If you have a large number of cards, your database may be too large to be backed up via email. In that case, you can back up your data by connecting your device to a PC or Mac which has iTunes installed. Restoring the data back to the device requires connecting your device to a PC or Mac which has iTunes installed. Ideally, you would never need to restore, but it is comforting to know that your data had been backed up and can be restored if necessary. Click on the App Backup and Restore link in the menu to the right for instructions on backing up and restoring your data.

What data is being backed up? Does it include all my cards and notes and readings?


What about the app itself? Does the backup include this?

No. Like any other app, the app itself is controlled through the Apple Store. Periodic updates to the app will be available for download whenever new features are added. If something happens to the app, you can always download it again from the Apple store, assuming you still have access to the Apple ID account in which you originally purchased the app. Once a fresh copy of the app is downloaded, you would then proceed to restore your data from a previous backup.

What should i do with the email i receive, which contains the backup attachment? Do I have to save it somewhere?

To be safe, you should create a folder on your computer where you keep your most recent backups. 

It may not be absolutely necessary to download and save the backup attachments every time, depending upon the policy of your email provider regarding the storing of attachments. If you backup fairly often, then you do not need to download and save each email attachment, since you will always be able to go back to the latest email and download the attachment when you need it. Also, many email providers keep emails and attachments indefinitely. However, you may want to check with your email provider about this. If you do this, remember that you need to inquire about the storing of attachments, not just the emails themselves.

What do you recommend as a good overall procedure for saving backups?

We recommend:

1. that you send the backup email before exiting the app, each time you add any new cards, notes, or readings to your data.

2. that you save the email attachment to a folder on your computer after loading your cards for the first time, and whenever making any significant changes to the data or once a month, whichever is sooner. You can save the attachment to your desktop or create a special folder within your Documents to hold the backup file. If you change the file name by adding "1", "2", and so on, you can keep multiple backups in your folder. A good policy is to keep at least the last three to five revisions of your backup on your computer.

Can I run the app on more than one device?

Yes, you can run the app on more than one device. As long as your devices are attached to the same Apple ID, Apple allows the app to be downloaded to several devices without having to repurchase the app, as per the Apple app policy.

If I have the app on multiple devices, do I have to enter my cards individually into each device?

No, you can enter all your cards on one mobile device and then perform the backup procedure. Then, you can run the restore procedure to insert your data onto any other mobile device which has the app installed.

When I restore the data onto another device, what happens to any data that is already on the second device? Is the data merged, or does the new data replace the old data?

Whenever you perform a restore operation on a particular device, all of the data on that device is erased and replaced by the new data from the backup file. There is no way to merge data.

Is there a way to synch the devices automatically?

No, unfortunately there is no way to synch the data on multiple devices automatically at this time.

Why should i back up my data? Isn't the data automatically backed up in the iCloud?

No, your data is NOT backed up automatically in the iCloud. Some apps can do this, but this is beyond the scope of Soulcollage® app. Just remember to perform a backup every so often, especially after adding new cards or doing a reading, using the quick email backup method. Chances are, you will never need to restore, but it is better to be safe than sorry!