App Tips and Hints

App Tips and Hints

1. Depending upon the device and release of iOS you are using, there are some quirks in the operation of the app. Please see the Version 1.2 page near the bottom for a description of these and some workarounds.

2. When Adding a Card, depending upon the device, not all of the suits may appear in the window. Please note however that it is possible to scroll within this window to access the suits at the bottom. (NOTE: see Version 1.2 Issues for an exception to this.) There are other places where this option of scrolling within a smaller window may be useful as well.

Using the app on multiple devices

Apple allows the app to installed on as many as five devices with a single purchase, so long as they are all connected to the same Apple ID. If you have more than one device, such as an iPhone and an iPad, be sure to install the app on both devices. This way, you will have your deck available nearly always. And having your cards installed on multiple devices provides an extra level of backup in case of problems. Not only does it provide an additional place for the backup to reside, but each time you restore the data to the secondary device you are verifying the validity of the backup files themselves.

You should choose one of the devices as the "primary" device, where you add cards and notes and do any readings which you want to save. Then, from time to time, you can backup from that device and restore to the other device(s) so that they will be up to date. Note that if you add cards, notes, or readings on both devices they will become out of synch and you will not be able to merge them to keep all of the new data from both. You will have to choose one or the other if you wish to get them back in synch. Or, you can allow them to remain out of synch, but then you basically have two different decks which will continue to grow apart over time.