Audrey Chowdhury M.S. ATR-BC

Facilitator since September 25, 2005


I am a registered and board certified, art therapist, and ordained Minister of Walking Prayer (studied and traveled with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers). My passion is facilitating the reawakening of the creative Self in each of us. Art making has been an important component of my own healing process. Working with imagery gave me a window into parts of myself that had remained hidden for years. I was inspired to earn my Master's Degree in Art Therapy from Mount Mary College in Milwaukee in 2005. I discovered the SoulCollage book at my first art therapy conference in 2001. I knew instantly that this process was for me. I have continued to explore and experience the power of other healing modalities that tap into the creative powers of the soul, including movement, music and sound, and energy work. I am discovering the benefits of integrating these practices and how they enhance each other. I find SoulCollage® to be a perfect union of many creative healing modalities. I have been a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2004 and I never cease to be amazed at the the miracles of self discovery that occur in each workshop.

I enjoyed my role as a Facilitator Trainer for 8 years.  I loved working with SoulCollage® enthusiasts from all parts of the world, and from widely varied backgrounds.  I encourage each participant in my workshops to identify and  bring their unique gifts and talents to their work.  I have worked with many populations in a wide variety of settings, and have found no limit to the ways this process can be adapted to the needs of each individual. 

I currently enjoy facilitating workshops on the subject of "Ancestral Impressions", the title of my new book.  I am available to present workshops on this theme by appointment, and have a few scheduled events listed below.

I have taught several online, recorded courses on SoulCollage(R).  They are available from the SoulCollage(R) website here:

I have published three CD's , available at


Description of SoulCollage® work

My current work revolves around my new book:  Ancestral Impressions: Exploring Your Ancestry though Creativity, Imagery and Intuition.  This is a self-help workbook for those seeking  to delve into the righ tapestry of ancestry through creative activities such as SoulCollage(R), intuitive writing, drawing, painting, and guided imagery.  This book grew out of my experience facilitating SoulCollage(R) workshops and trainings and noticing how often the ancestors have revealed themselves through this process. The book is available on /

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

The cards are a physical manfiestation of the many sides of myself that continually surprise me with their wisdom and insight. I like to use images from vintage magazines that were around when I was a child. I find that these images have often been imprinted in my psyche as examples of "ideals" that I internalized at an early age. I let the cards create themselves, and am awed by their depth of meaning as I dialogue with them, much like working with images from a dream. I do like to make cards for important figures that show up in dreams or guided imagery, or any time that my unconcious mind has an opportunity to reveal herself.

Other Notes

If you would like to see a video clip of Audrey speaking at a training in 2011, click here: