Barb Horn

Facilitator since June 29, 2008

Barb Horn
Durango, Colorado
#10 Town Plaza
PO Box 183
Durango, Colorado 81301 (United States)
P 970.903.3029


Barb Horn, founder of the All Embracing Change Community, is known for her humorsmiley, inclusiveness and creativity as a healer, teacher and leader.  Taking you through your Fools Journey, like the Hero or Heroine  so you become fooly realized. She LOVES the times we are in and invites you to fall in love as well.

     Known as the “Kindest Comic” cheeky, she infuses all her work, teachings and efforts with levity and lightness that makes learning, healing and transformation fun, exciting, inspirational and even easy.  She helps parents change unwanted styles, utilizing the stress and pressures of raising children.  She helps couples move through the romance cycle.  She empowers non profit leaders to become change agents.  She helps teenagers and others manage anxiety.  She teaches healers how to lighten up and bring humor into their practice and heal their money story to  align income with self worth. She is down to earth and believes all our own wisdom provides us what we need to know, we just need to remember how to access it. She loves helping others find their power and purpose in the messiness of life.

    She helps you live your passions, remove barriers for good, become at ease with change reclaim and utilize your power and wisdom, learn to love yourself, not only feel enough but manifest from that empowerment, to trust and surrender or feel safe.  Because every parent, lover, leader, teacher and healer want to be the best they can be.   She can help you give all your gifts and look forward to receiving all you came for this journey.

    Barb Horn has been following her passions successful. She was a all star athlete, is  nationally known in the river conservation movement and a leader in SoulCollage and Alchemical Hypnotherapy.  She realized that saving rivers was about saving souls in that how we treat our environment, organisms and each other is a reflection of how we treat ourselves.  It was then she brought the two worlds together in her work.  She has been on an intentional life journey, since the womb, to love herself and feel enough. To see what everyone else sees. This simple, but profound journey is what she brings to her healing and teaching.

     Barb loves spending time with healers, parents, non profit leaders, teenagers and individuals who desire to be all they can be, who do not want to die with any rock not turned over or any song left inside. She is passionate about helping others understand what is happening on our planet and providing tools to embrace and love the changes. 

Description of SoulCollage® work

I utilize SoulCollage in five primary ways:

1. Monthly Dancing with New Moon Shadow Calls -

2. Be the Change that Changes EvolveShops (virtual and in person) -

3. Holding monthly space to make cards, focus on suits, readings and bring in numerous other topics. See workshop dates.

4. In ceremonies (i.e. wedding, baby showers), rituals (i.e.naming, letting go, mensus) and with clients in alchemical hypnotherapy work. - Check out the hypnotherapy and ceremonies at

5. In my Learn to Love, Love to Live and Live to Laugh Tool Kit - Finding all you came for and giving all you got! -

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I meet whenever possible with a consistent group of friends to make cards and do readings. I set time aside frequently to review my cards, find patterns and new ways to use them as they tell me how to use them. From this work I have discovered larger themes in my life that align with the type of cards I made in that time frame that shed even more light for my journey. I have used extensively in my own alchemical hypnotherapy work.

Other Notes

Barb is founder of an a community designed to keep our focus and vibration high as we make this global evolutionary shift.  Join this community,  SoulCollage is a key tool in monthly Dancing with New Moon calls, Be the Change Evolveshops, ViewTodayThroughNewParadigm Blog. Be a guest speaker!  Join today!