Beth Marcil

Facilitator since September 10, 2010

Beth Marcil
Maui, Hawaii
Makawao, Hawaii 96768 (United States)
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Beth Marcil

Facilitator Since September 12, 2010

Originally from Charleston, SC, and a longtime resident of Maui, Hawaii, Beth Marcil is a professional visual artist and an arts-integration specialist who designs and facilitates art residencies in public schools throughout the state. Two of her programs, “It’s All in the Cards” and “Collaging the Hero’s Journey” contain a strong SEL (Social Emotional Learning) component, bringing SoulCollage® to boys and girls in middle and high school classrooms while teaching Visual Literacy and meeting Common Core Language Arts standards. She has also introduced the SoulCollage® process to many teachers and school counselors in professional development workshops around the state.

A graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, she is adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches. Combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal, Beth also holds workshops in mixed media art journaling and SoulCollage® for adults. An enthusiastic and dedicated art educator, she has nearly 35 years of experience as a facilitator in the arena of artistic transformation. Her SoulCollage® practice adds an even deeper dimension to Beth's life work as a creative midwife for those who wish to explore their depths within a safe and supportive group environment.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I was first introduced to SoulCollage® by a student who told me that my approach to art journaling reminded her of SoulCollage®. I'd never heard of it, but was intrigued by the title. I looked up the website, began reading, and within minutes I had ordered Seena's book and all the cd's, intuiting that this was the next step in my personal work and in my teaching. I began making cards with friends and sharing the depth of the process and the voices of our Neters. As a Facilitator, it is my great joy to engage in this profound exploration in soul-making with students of all ages. As a Trainer, it is an honor to share Seena's legacy with others whose deep engagement with the SoulCollage® process calls them to become Facilitators within their own communities. And so our Circle of creative soulmates continues to grow and to flourish all over the world. 

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

SoulCollage® has become such a part of me that it's hard to remember not having it in my life. From creating my cards and and using art journaling to cultivate relationships between my Neters, to giving them voice through readings and poetry-writing, my engagement with the cards is a constant source of inspiration. Facilitating others in deepening their own process - from adults within my community to teens in the classroom - has also helped me deepen my practice in ways I could not have imagined beforehand. Because I so want my teenage students to understand the potential that exists within this process as they embark upon their own life's journey, I continue to explore and engage with SoulCollage® in innovative ways that will ignite the spark of self awareness, empathy, and love into a bright-burning flame within them.

As a visual artist, I enjoy bringing mixed media art materials into my card-making (and those of my students). Layering paint and translucent papers into my collages, and drawing back into them with pastels, colored pencils and paint pens allows me to create veils and thresholds, to bury and to excavate, and to engage in a personal archeological dig that reveals deeper understandings and truths. Using the "I Am One Who..." as a jumping off point, I also enjoy exploring and sharing intuitive wordplay and other literary devices to invite the Neters to speak in the language of poetry. I'm continually surprised by the discoveries that emerge through this process and the tenderness I feel for the formerly hidden and unloved parts of myself. SoulCollage® is a rare, beautiful, and ever-opening flower for which I am grateful.