SoulCollage Journeys: Giving Form to Our Inner Guidance

SoulCollage Journeys: Giving Form to Our Inner Guidance

These workshops serve as both an introduction to SoulCollage®, suitable for beginners, and an opportunity for those who have worked with it previously to delve much deeper. We create a safe and sacred container by aligning with one another and exploring the stated theme; do the collage process; and then learn what our cards have to say. We also discuss the many ways cardmaking and consultation can serve as part of an ongoing process of discovery and a meaningful spiritual practice. Specific themes for Winter/Spring 2020 are listed below.

Fee: $35-$40 prepaid, $40-45 day of workshop (participants decide). All materials provided. Pre-registration required.

Saturday, January 25, 2020   Gratitude and Appreciation

Every day is richer when we approach it with gratitude. We will explore all the taken-for-granted things we can be appreciative of and realize the grace we are walking within all the time. (this event is taking place at the Venice Holistic Center [Blue Lotus Meditation Center], Venice, FL.)


     Sunday, February 2, 2020:   Cultivating Wonder       

Many have heard the adage, “what we pay attention to, thrives.” What if we paid attention to a sense of wonder and amazement, to everyday magic, to the awesomeness that is always present? By focusing on this topic, we bring more wonder into our cards and magic into our lives.


  Friday, Mar 13, 2020: Embracing Change; Letting Go      

Part of being human is the need to constantly “let go”—to deal with all the changes, big and small, that we encounter every day. We will explore ways we can embrace process and enjoy the ride. 


 Friday, March 22, 2020:  Finding Balance (and honoring the equinox)

At the point in the year where dark and light are in balance, we will explore ways we find and maintain balance in our everyday life. 


Sunday, April 5, 2020:   Natural Wisdom

Most of us feel good when we are surrounded by nature and the natural world. We will begin this workshop by examining what it is in nature that is so rejeuvenating, and ways we can cultivate this relationship more fully.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020:  Theme to be announced




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