Bronwyn Shaunessy

Facilitator since October 3, 2014

Facilitator trainer since October 14, 2018.

Bronwyn Shaunessy
Aberglasslyn Natural Therpies Centre
32 Aberglasslyn Rd
Rutherford, New South Wales 2320 (Australia)
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As a child I loved to create. I often felt "out of step" at school and loved time to do my own thing creatively with fabric or anything that took my fancy. I also loved being in nature and my happiest memories are those of camping in the Australian bush.

The feelings of my childhood pushed me to try and understand myself which enevitably led me to embrace healing (myself and others).

I now have been working as a medical herbalist for over 30 years and emotional and spiritual wellbeing is a big part of how I work with my clients. One tool which I use in my clinic that I particularly am passionate about is the Australian Bush Flower Essences. I help clients 'listen' to the flowers and embrace their messages and healing. Prescribing an herbal remedy is indeed collaging, by listening  and using my extensive understanding of herbs I create a unique 'picture' in a bottle. My clients have taught me so much and I'm extremely grateful to have been trusted with their stories.

I, like a lot of people, discovered SoulCollage® "accidently" and I love the blending of creativity, imagination and spirituality. SoulCollage® has given me a transformative tool to bring into my practice.

 As a newly trained Facilitator Trainer and the Australian co-ordinator I have  a vision to bring the Australian SoulCollage® community together with a renewed vitality. Australia is uniquely placed in that we are a large geographic area with a small population and this presents challenges different to those facing Trainers in the USA and Europe. So my vision and challenge is to create an Australian community with a sense of place and belonging within our ancient land and from that base we can include the near Pacific and take our place in the global comminity of SoulCollage®.

I  really enjoying sharing SoulCollage with my clients in a one on one consultation and in workshops. I feel it helps those that feel 'out of step' to discover their unique dance.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I reguarly run workshops in my clinic for children and adults and seeing people open themselves to this process of images, imagination and intuition and discover their hidden wisdom is an honour and a privilege. 

I am really looking forward to running my first training of facilitators in may 2019 and seeing others gain the skills and insights to then take SoulCollage(R) into their own community.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I embrace SoulCollage® into my personal life by doing a daily reading as soon as I wake. This process sometimes is setting me up for the day and at other times giving me guidance on a much bigger level.

I am looking forward to being a catalyst to creating a supportive and growing community of SoulCollage® in Australia and the near Pacific.

  • Come along and learn how to use collage as a tool to gain greater insight and self-awareness. You will be guided step by step through this creative process where no prior skill or artistic talent is needed!

    • What is SoulCollage®

    • Hands on how to make a SoulCollage® card

    • How to read or journal from a SoulCollage® card

    • All materials supplied

    Cost: $75 (includes all materials)

    Extra materials for your own practice at home will be available for purchase at the workshop.


    Aberglassly Natural Therapies Centre
    32 Aberglasslyn Road
    Rutherford, New South Wales 2320

    Facilitator Info
    November 24, 2019 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm