Chet Michalak

Facilitator since September 8, 2016

Chet Michalak
Heart and SoulCollage® Studio
242 Webster St
(Rte 3A accross from Sunland Drive)
Hudson, New Hampshire 03051 (United States)


My name is Chet Michalak and my home in Hudson, NH has a separate building from my home which we call the “Heart House” with two warm and cozy rooms for my wife Joan and me to facilitate our SoulCollage® workshops.

I am offering Introduction to SoulCollage® workshops and special card making events for those interested in exploring deeper parts of their soul through art. Saturday or Sunday afternoons work best for workshops, but weekday evenings from 6-9PM may be pre-arranged. Why this time commitment? The full four hour agenda includes; an introduction to the Soulcollage® process, setting the meetings intention, ample time to collect pictures in the gallery room, an hour and a half to make your cards with breaks as needed and allowing 45 minutes to an hour at the end to read everyone’s cards, learn to write a poem for a card, answer questions and clean up and close the meeting.

You can request private sessions for 3 or more to invite friends or family for a group event as we can support up to 8 guests in the Heart House. I will be happy to set up a special date that works for your party or check my scheduled dates for open workshop offerings and start creating right away.

Our four hour workshops include all tools and materials; 1000’s of pictures to choose from, cutting mats, scissors, glues sticks, tape and the 5x8 mat cards with protective sleeves to make your personal cards. We always allow as much time as needed for all guests to stay and complete their cards and provide gentle guided card readings with the group, with your partner or in private side room with a trained facilitator.  This important final step should not be missed so you get the full understanding SoulCollage® cards. Trust the Process!

We will provide light health snacks, bottled water, hot teas or coffee and a refrigerator for your lunches. I will welcome you to the sacred space in my home featuring two large and comfortable rooms with private rest room.

Check back on this website for upcoming special events such as, building a deck, deck readings, card suites, couples only night, family night, girls night-out, men’s groups, Valentine’s day, etc. Check back to see special offers and upcoming events.

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Peace and Blessings

Chet Michalak

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  • An Introduction To SoulCollage®

    Immerse yourself in a fun, inspiring and intuitive day of creativity - playfully creating small collaged images for a deeper self-understanding.

    You will begin to create your own deck of SoulCollage® cards and practice reading them through a self-exploration process led by a trained, compassionate facilitator.  SoulCollage® cards are often filled with meaningful insights and guidance for your life's journey.

    SoulCollage® is easy to learn and requires no previous artistic skills and you will take home several completed cards and hopefully a love of this creative process.

    SoulCollage® is a creative, fun tool for easy, artful self-expression.  It was developed by Seena B. Frost, M. Div., M.A. Using intuition and imagination; you create your own collaged cards, where each card reflects a different aspect of who you are.

    The cards are made from simple materials: magazine images, scissors, glue, and mat board. Best of all, it is a creative process that is truly accessible to everyone, even people who believe they have no artistic ability.

    This introduction workshop is for those that are new to SoulCollage® as well as those with experience seeking a place to play.

    Your investment for workshop is $50 for all the materials you need to complete up to 6 cards. Additional supplies can be purchased if you wish to make more at home.  We will provide tea, coffee, and water. Feel free to bring a lunch or snack.

    I am also available for private workshops if you have a group of 4-8 people. Contact me for more information.

    Join our Mailing list for occsional specials and events at:

    We promise to never spam you.

    Heart & SoulCollage® Studio of Hudson, NH
    242 Webster St (Rte 3A across from Sunland Drive)
    Hudson, New Hampshire 03051
    United States

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