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Getting Started with SoulCollage®: A New Facilitator's Journey by Catherine Williams

Finding SoulCollage® was a revelation. I knew immediately that this was a path I would take from my first exposure when Facilitator Katherine Ziegler spread the images on the floor. I’m grateful to Katherine for opening the door and helping me get started in this remarkable, enriching practice. She asked me to share my experience as a new practitioner, and I said, “Yes, of course.” Then I got a bit overwhelmed with fears and concerns:

  • Yikes!
  • No one will relate.
  • My challenges with getting started will seem trivial.
  • Everyone else already knows how to have a successful practice.
  • How do I clarify key themes? What is useful to say and what is not essential?

I’ve identified seven phases from that first exposure to the beginnings of a fledgling practice. They are not perfectly chronological, and may more accurately represent pieces of a puzzle. Any surprise that there’s a card for each one?

The Magic of Images by Noreen Donahue

What a journey it is to sort through a box of “virgin” images. A fresh collection of images offers a whole array of feelings, an epic and celestial ride. I am in “beginner’s mind”, a true explorer asking questions of each of the images on the pages. I rest on Rumi’s front porch in each exotic land and welcome the guests as my unexpected visitors. I delight in each of the images that grab hold of me. Perhaps the image is an aspect of me or a messenger from beyond, a guiding force in my life. A new collection of images is a round the world trip, a shamanic journey of the soul. As I greet the images, I am filled with inquiry.

SoulCollage®: The Language of the Soul by Sandra Nelson

Have you ever wondered why certain colors, shapes and images make your heart sing while others don’t? They are messengers, hoping you will listen, asking you to pay attention to some aspect of your life. If you are you restless, or are searching for something you don’t understand, or wanting to know your purpose in life, or what direction to take, SoulCollage® is for you.

A Method for Doing a Basic Reading using Your SoulCollage® Cards by Karen Mann

Finding a meaningful question is nearly as significant as allowing the answers to come back to you through the cards. Learn how in this informative article.

Breathwork and SoulCollage® by Kylea Taylor

Breathwork and SoulCollage® – the first experiment
I puttered around the kitchen in the big open area of our home making brunch for the small group of participants in an intimate Breathwork workshop. On the other side of the kitchen counter, our dining room table was extended to its fullest range to accommodate the six people. This morning, after their Breathwork experiences of the day before, they were sitting around our table, piled with magazines, cans of rubber cement, and small stacks of pre-cut mat board cards. Following the simple SoulCollage® directions, they were moving around fragments of pictures they had cut from magazines, greeting cards, photos, postcards, catalogues, and calendars, fitting them together in surprising new ways and gluing them down on cards. 

Reiki and Our Prosperous Earth by Colleen Benelli

We can look to our own Earth and her amazing and diverse life forms as a perfect expression of the prosperous Universe. The Earth is rich with life. She receives the light from the sun to create and grow more life. Together, the sun and the earth provide the resources for all of her creations to prosper and thrive.

Witnessing the Soul by Noelle Remington

I first saw a SoulCollage® image in the Dancing Man Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA in 1991. I wandered the room awed by the collages created by Seena Frost, the originator of the process, and her students. Each image drew me in and reflected an aspect of the artist’s soul. The images were beautiful, mysterious, and deeply personal. I felt like I was allowed to see something I shouldn’t be seeing -- something that most people kept undercover, wrapped close to their hearts, and even hidden. I knew I wanted to do this process and knew, too, that I was afraid to reveal myself. I took a flyer and tucked it away in my filing cabinet where it stayed for the next ten years.

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