A Method for Doing a Basic Reading using Your SoulCollage® Cards by Karen Mann

Create a ceremonial space

1. Use a flower, a candle & a table cloth etc. to create ‘sacred’ space.
2. Lay your ‘Source Card’ (if you have one) face up in the center– to symbolize the Oneness from which all the Neter “voices” originate.
3. When the space is ready, sit quietly for a few moments with your SoulCollage® deck.
4. You may like to do a centering activity or ritual before you begin.

Pose a question

Finding a meaningful question is nearly as significant as allowing the answers to come back to you through the cards.)

1. The question needs to be an open question (not a yes or no answer).
2. The question can pertain to a present life dilemma: "In this next week or month, which Neters will help me with…?, Which Neters have some wisdom to shed on this issue…?, What Neters will be with me as I….?”
3. Or the question can be of a more general “cosmic’ nature: "What special gifts are mine to share with the planet?, What will help me in sharing SoulCollage® with others?"
4. Write your question down on a blank page.
5. Share your question with the group and modify if necessary after getting any feedback.

Draw your cards

1. Decide how many cards you will draw for this reading. (Four is ideal as you can choose one from each suit, but three may be sufficient.)
2. Think of your question as you draw your cards.
3. If your cards have backings designating their suit, you can draw 1 card from each suit, if you want.
4. Place your cards face down in front of you--don’t look at what they are.
Please note: if you don’t feel you have enough cards, you can borrow cards from the decks of others in your group.

Reading your cards

1. The first person to read will state their question out loud and then turn over their first card.
2. The card reader names this card (if it has a name) and says which suit it is from.
3. Now the card reader speaks from the card, starting with “I Am the One Who…” process. Use adjectives. Let your intuition bubble up with descriptive words and feeling words. Even if it is an animal or an inanimate object, give it a voice, a life, and a point of view.
4. Then speak to the question, “What I can tell you about this issue is…” or “What I have to say to your question is…” Stay as true to the energy of the Neter as you can.
5. The Scribe records the gist of what this Neter is saying (Don’t try to speak and write at the same time).
6. After the person has finished speaking fully then there is time for questions & feedback. Group members: Can ask a question about a symbol or share a thought they had if the card reader wants to hear ii. However, do not contradict or negate the reading, they only say something if they can add to and/or honor the reading. (This discussion should not take up too much time).
7. Now it is the turn of the next person (the person to the card reader’s left in the circle) to read from their first card.
8. Complete the circle and go around the circle again with the next card.
9. Repeat the process until all the cards from all the participants have been read.

At the end of all the readings

1. Sum up: What did you get from doing this reading? Share any thoughts about your own reading.
2. Look at any patterns in the cards or any repeated symbols.
3. Observe any paradoxes or surprises.
4. Notice if the question answered was different from the one asked.
5. If you have a thought about someone else’s reading as a whole, ask their permission before sharing it.

Readings by yourself

Some ideas for doing readings by yourself include:
1. Do a reading using many cards
2. Journal with cards using “I Am the One Who…”
3. Have cards dialogue with each other
4. Write a play etc.

Sample Questions

1. What Neters have something to tell me about how I can become more centered?
2. What Neters can help me figure out what the pain in my neck is about?
3. How can I use my power and still be liked in the world?
4. What Neters have wisdom for me around my addiction to spending?
5. How do I protect myself from the verbal abuse of my boss?
6. What Neters have something to tell me about my writer’s block?
7. Which Neters will help me lighten up and laugh more?
8. Who will guide me as I parent my son/daughter/children?

This exercise is adapted from an exercise described in “SoulCollage®" by Seena B. Frost, Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc (2001).

Copyright © 2007 by Karen Mann

About the Author

Karen Mann is a SoulCollage® Trainer, an artist, art teacher, as well as a Lifestyle Coach and yoga and meditation teacher. Karen uses creative techniques to promote self-expression and self-discovery. Karen offers SoulCollage® events and Trainings in Australia.