Reiki and Our Prosperous Earth by Colleen Benelli


We can look to our own Earth and her amazing and diverse life forms as a perfect expression of the prosperous Universe. The Earth is rich with life. She receives the light from the sun to create and grow more life. Together, the sun and the earth provide the resources for all of her creations to prosper and thrive.

There is a rhythm, a universal heartbeat, within the life force of every creation and form.

Our heart and the heart of the earth beat with the same rhythm. When we connect to that rhythm, we connect to the heartbeat of God and all of creation. We enter the flow of all possibility and prosperity.

True prosperity comes from an awareness of the abundance in everyday life. When we are awake to the remarkable life around us, in all the forms it exists, and when we see every blessing there is to notice, prosperity becomes our belief, and therefore our reality. In his book, Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra says, “When we are grounded in the nature of reality and we also know that this same reality is our own nature, then we realize that we can create anything, because all of material creation has the same origin. Nature goes to the same place to create a cluster of nebulas, a galaxy of stars, a rain forest, or a human body as it goes to create a thought.”

(Note: This article appeared in the Summer 2009 issue of Reiki News Magazine. In her article, Colleen shares about using a SoulCollage® card that she created from her own photographs as a reminder of abundant life. The card's central figure is related to her Reiki practice.)