Deborah Milosevich

Facilitator since February 1, 2013

Deborah Milosevich
Milosevich Studio
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I have been an avid supporter of the arts for over 30 years, working in diverse professional roles as an educator, community arts director, events manager, fundraiser, and artist.

Currently, I am the ReginalSoulCollage® Coordinator of Texas and have lead SoulCollage® workshops and retreats at Ghost Ranch, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,  Austin, Tx, Las Cruces, New Mexico and Taos, New Mexico.  I also continue to  teach art appreciation at Texas Tech University, and exhibit my original artwork in Taos, New Mexico at the Wilder Nightingale Gallery.  My passion as a teacher and workshop leader is to make artistic expression accessible to a wide range of audiences and to provide creative opportunities for spiritual exploration and personal growth.

Description of SoulCollage® work

SoulCollage® is both a creative process and a transformative process.  As a creative process, it invites participants to use their intuition and imagination, thus opening new avenues of self-expression that bypass more linear pathways of analytical thought.  Through collage, participants work directly with the language of imagery and symbols to reveal aspects of themselves that might otherwise remain hidden.  Participants then explore what the process brings to light through journaling and shared conversation.

Unique to the SoulCollage® process is the creation of multiple collaged-cards that are organized into categories (referred to as “suits”), and that together form an open-ended deck of cards that express the personality and psyche of the individual who created them.  No two decks of cards are ever alike.

Individual cards may express an internal voice – such as the “critic” or the “nurturer” – or an aspect of personality – such as “book lover” or “traveler.”  Other cards may represent larger, archetypal concepts such as “Warrior” or “Healer.”  There are no hard-and-fast rules for creating or choosing cards; thus,  participants are free to create the collages that will be especially meaningful in their day-to-day lives.

Other Notes

The SoulCollage® Workshop guides participants through a unique creative process that enables each person to develop  greater self-awareness, find inner sources of wisdom, and enjoy a community of like-minded people.  The workshop atmosphere is fun and relaxing, and the process itself requires no artistic background or skills; instead, it is highly intuitive and allows everyone of all ages and backgrounds to engage fully and feel successful. 

Participants use collage materials to choose personally meaningful images, and then incorporate these images onto one or more 5” x 8” cards.  At appropriate intervals, all have the opportunity to use their cards to reflect on personal questions, to journal, and to share results.  Participants leave the workshop with the cards they have created and with guidance as to how to use the cards to facilitate positive personal development and spiritual growth.

Workshop Structure & Materials

The SoulCollage® Workshop is very flexible in structure and can be offered as a one-day event, multiple-day event, or week-long retreat. In addition, it can be offered for beginners, for a mixed group of beginners and returning participants, or for more experienced participants who wish to explore SoulCollage® in more depth and detail.

The type of space that can accommodate a SoulCollage® workshop is equally flexible, requiring only that participants have comfortable seating and tables, and room to spread out their collage materials.

The materials themselves are provided by the workshop facilitator (blank cards, collage images, scissors, glue, and instructional handouts).  Returning participants are also invited to bring images or photos that they have collected at home.

 Workshop Audience

Anyone of any age, background, or walk of life can enter equally into the SoulCollage® process.  A typical group includes individuals with varying perspectives and goals – thus enhancing the workshop experience for all by fostering meaningful exchange and a rich sense of community. 

SoulCollage® often appeals to people who are in transition; to people who want more confidence and wisdom as they make life choices; and to people seeking spiritual enrichment.  The process can also be adapted to address specific topics and challenges, such as self-care, team building, and stress management.