Dolphin JS Yip

Facilitator since January 24, 2018

Dolphin JS Yip
Art of Dove Meditative Art Studio
16 Causeway Road, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong, Wan Chai Hong Kong Island 852 (Hong Kong S.A.R., China)
P 852-63135355


With inborn Hip Joint Dislocation condition and a couple of operations being done at very young age, Dolphin was told by the Doctors there will be a high chance to rely on wheelchair in the rest of her life since she was born. She suffered continuous pains until she starts her spiritual practice and realizes that physical illness is highly related to psychological condition, beliefs and values. At 35, her hip had miraclely recovered and she was inspired to live out her passion without any delay. 

​In 2017, Dolphin was inspired to create a new form of meditative art named Soul Painting (靈感心流), which supported her to recover from Postpartum Depression. This simple and fun meditative approach creates a boundless space for adults to enjoy inner peace, freedom of creation and regain their passion in life. After running over 70 healing sessions and workshops for audiences from different cultures and backgrounds, Dolphin decides to bring the concept of Inner Joy and Freedom of Creation to more people in Hong Kong through various art forms, including Soul Painting, SoulCollage®, Pastel Nagomi Art, Zentangle and more...

*Founder of Soul Painting
*Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator
*Certified Zentangle® Teacher
*Japan Pastel Nagomi Art® Associate Instructor
*Certified LegoSeriousPlay® Facilitator


WhatsApp: (852) 6316 5355 

Description of SoulCollage® work

Imagine yourself sitting with a group, soft music playing, absorbed with the activity of paging through magazines, tearing out images that call to you, then moving on to cutting and pasting, allowing the images to intuitively arrange themselves into a visually stunning collage on a card. We gather and show our cards, the group as witness, speaking “I Am One Who” for the card, giving voice to what our card has to say and the wisdom and insight it carries. We leave feeling seen, heard, held and renewed.

SoulCollage®, developed by Seena Frost, is a creative process using images from magazines, catalogues, photographs, etc, cut and pasted on 5 x 8 cards to make a beautiful and personal divination or wisdom deck.

These cards can be used in many ways to access personal insight, reveal important truths, work with life questions, welcome and integrate all parts of who you are, and honor your inner wisdom. They are a unique and tangible celebration of the amazing Story of You.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

Dolphin has infused the element of Meditation into each SoulCollage® session as a mindful and relaxing self-healing process and smoothen the connection with our inner wisdom.  

Other Notes

Founder of Soul Painting