Elise Crohn

Facilitator since October 9, 2011

Elise Crohn
Lake Worth, Florida 33460 (United States)
P 904-377-3500


Hi, My name is Elise Crohn and I am a creativity coach, artist, and entrepreneur. I LOVE to inspire the creative process in myself and those around me. 

Founder of Juicy Creatives Studio in Lake Worth FL,  I offer workshops  and build community with Expressive Arts. 

I am a self-taught artist and a deeply trained facilitator of creative processes that lead to transformation and healing.  Over the course of my life I have owned and co-created several creative businesses and arts oriented non-profit organizations. I became a community organizer, obtained a degree in deep ecology and sustainable living, completed a two year expressive arts therapy training, became a certified Source Painting™ teacher, Art Medicine Woman, SoulCollage® facilitator, Mari® Mandala Practicioner and recently completed a 2 year post graduate training in Jungian Sand Play therapy.  It has been my honor and delight to have guided thousands of students over the years in classes and workshops to discover their own creative heART--all with an orientation towards depth psychology, women’s spirituality, and love of Mother Earth.    

I am always inventing, and learning, creative processes that help people engage directly with the imagery of their soul. I believe that creative energy is the medicine our society needs and is a healer of many of our societal and personal ills. Our souls, and the soul of the world, speak to us in imagery—the more we allow that imagery to be created through us the more in touch we feel with the pulse of life. 

The biggest thing I have learned in 20+ years in the creativity field is that we all yearn to express the creativity in our soul and when that yearning is given time and a safe place to be nurtured the results are always healing.   

I love to create the time, space and encouragement for my students, colleagues, friends and family to engage in heart-art—Come join me!   


Description of SoulCollage® work

My "Juicy Creatives Studio" is a beautiful Process Arts Studio overlooking a park and the intracoastal Waterway in Lake Worth FL where I hold classes, workshops and individual sessions in SoulCollage®, Process Painting and SandPlay Therapy.  I look forward to seeing you there!   

Upcoming Workshops:

Soul Lab: Sept. 7th Introduction to SoulCollage®

What is it?
This weekly drop-in group creates an ongoing safe container to explore art as a Soul-full, meaning-creating force in our lives.   Soul Lab is a place where you can learn to listen to your inner voice, and the voice of the imagery you create, while sharing with and supporting each other on the inward journey of creativity.  Mandala Making, SoulCollage®, Art Journaling, and Intuitive Transformational paintingare some of the Expressive Arts modalities that are introduced and offered during Soul Lab.  

At the beginning of each session there is check-in to connect and meet each other, then a meditation and/or creative process is offered to get the juices flowing.  

September 7th Soul Lab -- Introduction to SoulCollage®--learn an intuitive collage process and make your own deck of personal collaged cards you can use to access your own deep wisdom.

Monthly Day of  SoulCollage®

Saturday Sept. 26th 
(come for all or part)

Juicy Creatives Studio presents a Day of SoulCollage® and creative play at the Quaker Meeting House Pop-Up Art Studio! Come for a ½ day or the whole day! Using simple tools of magazine images glue and scissors learn how to easily tap into your intuition and creativity and connect with your Heart and Soul as you make your own deck of personal collaged cards.  These cards then become a tool you can use for your own guidance and support, your own personal divination deck.

No previous art experience is expected or required.