How to Arrange a Custom Training


  • Do you have a group of persons who would like to attend a Training to become Facilitators, but are not close to one of our existing Training sites? 
  • Would you like to work with a SoulCollage(R) Trainer to organize a Training in your area?

This page contains information on how it might work to arrange a custom Training.

SoulCollage® Trainers are entrepreneurs, working with SoulCollage Inc. to train SoulCollage® Facilitators. You can find a list of Trainers and read about each one to see which one is closest to you and what their specialities and interests are. You may approach a particular Trainer to request a proposal. Trainers make their own arrangements, set their own fees, and choose their own assistant to help with Trainings over a certain size. 

You can also go to a LIST OF ALL TRAININGS currently scheduled to see what options might already be available. This is particularly useful if your group is small.

The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is described HERE, including how long it is, what is taught and what are the pre-requisites for participants. Fees are determined by each entrepreneurial Trainer and may vary slightly. The content of each Training is the same, but each Trainer has her own personality and own style.

The cost of scheduled Trainings includes Training materials, a one-year membership in the Facilitator Circle, access to a wealth of online information, discounts for materials, participation in varous ways in a worldwide community of thousands of SoulCollage® Facilitators, and the cost of the venue and production of the Training. If you work with an individual Trainer and have a ready group of SoulCollagers and are providing the venue, then the usual participant fee may be adjusted by the Trainer in discussion of what specifically is wanted from her and what is provided by you.

If you have an questions at any stage in your decision-making, please feel free to email SoulCollage Inc.