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Paris, France
4, Route de frouville "Le Ménillet"
Bornel, Paris - Ile-de-France 60540

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Facilitator Since May 8, 2014

Facilitator Trainer Since August 19, 2018

Alexandra Raffin-Koopman

Psycho-praticienne Transpersonnelle, Art-therapeute
Facilitatrice en Respiration Holotropique, Méditation et SoulCollage® 
Formatrice en SoulCollage®, Art-thérapie et Thérapie Transpersonnelle
Superviseure en Thérapie Transpersonnelle et Art-Thérapie

Ma passion est d’accompagner des êtres humains à la recherche de leur Etre Profond, de ce qu’ils sont vraiment, au delà de leurs souffrances et à retrouver plus de vie à l’intérieur d’eux dans les aléas de la vie.

Mes outils d’accompagnement ne cessent de s’enrichir à travers ma propre recherche d’élargissement de conscience.

A travers l’Accompagnement Psychologique, la Méditation, l’Art-thérapie, les Etats Modifiés de Conscience, j’accompagne des personnes vers plus de vie, plus d’amour, et plus de liberté dans leurs vies. En recontrant le SoulCollage® j'ai reconnu un outil tellement riche et complet que je m'y suis plongée pleinement. Et je suis heureuse d'accompagner et former aujourd'hui des personnes à cette merveilleuse expérience! 

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89 Colby Hill United States
Lincoln, Vermont 05443
United States

P 510-282-2307

Facilitator Since March 15, 2009

Amy Rogers, MFT, ATR-BC is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Califronia and a Board Certified Art Therapist.  She is currently working as a trainer with the SASH program for the Cathedral Square Corporation.  Before leaving California, she was the Director of the Mind-Body Department at Five Branches University in San Jose, where she organized, taught and oversaw the Mind-Body program.  Before that position, Amy has served as the Training Director for Fred Finch Youth Center in Oakland, CA.  As a trainer, Amy currently trains for UC Davis and other organizations.  As a clinician, Amy has worked with youth who are severely emotionally disturbed in residential and school-based programs, with families, with young adults and other community-based groups.  She was also trained as a SoulCollage facilitator by Seena Frost in 2009.  She uses SoulCollage as a personal tool and shares it whenever she can through trainings, groups and meetings.

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Goumoensstrasse 58
Bern 3007

P +41(0)319727374

Facilitator Since October 9, 2011

Facilitator Trainer Since October 11, 2015

Als Sinnbildnerin, Künstlerin und Kunsttherapeutin leite ich seit 1994 das Atelier Indigo in Bern.

Since I can think, art always has been my way to explore, express and communicate. My education in anthroposophical Art-Therapy opened a wide field of creative engagement. With the beautiful SoulCollage® virus I got infected in 2009 and since then it became a major part of my work. 2014 I was allowed to translate Seena Frost’s book into German. I practice SoulCollage® with children in public schools, with teenagers on their way to become adult, as well as in various groups or in one to one settings in my Atelier. As the first German speaking Trainer it is an honour and a great joy to share Seena's beautiful tool with Swiss, Austrain and German SoulCollagers!

Das Spiel mit Farben, mit allen Sinnen, mit Intuition und Imagination fasziniert mich auf allen Ebenen. Die Natur ist meine innigste Lehrerin. Schamanische Rituale, Heilreisen in die Wüste, Berge und Wälder, VisionQuests und Medicinewalks, EFT, AuraSoma® und natürlich SoulCollage® sind die Werkzeuge, mit welchen ich Menschen – Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene – zu ihren tiefen Wurzeln begleite. In all diesen Atelierjahren sind viele kreative, von innerer Weisheit getragene Workshops und Retreats entstanden: Wege und einzigartige Möglichkeiten, der eigenen Zeitlinie heilend zu begegnen, die Künstlerin in sich selbst zu wecken und in Verbundenheit mit der Natur, die Lebensspuren zu achten und lesen zu lernen.

2014 durfte ich das SoulCollage® Buch von Seena B. Frost auf Deutsch übersetzen, welches 2015 unter dem Titel "SoulCollage® – Kreativbilder deiner Seele" vom Silberschnur Verlag herausgegeben wurde. Wie diese kostbare kreative Methode der Seele eine Stimme verleiht, ist mit jeder neu gestalteten Karte eine grosse, stete Überraschung. Es ist mein Anliegen mit SoulCollage® spielerische Freude, tiefe Wahrnehmung, Selbstachtung, Respekt und einen köstlichen Funken Magie zu vermitteln. Ich freue mich, das Wissen um SoulCollage® im deutschsprachigen Raum zu verbreiten.

A seeker most of the time I was and life has generously guided me to various wonderful teachers. Through Yoga, meditation, healing arts and spiritual growth I learnt to trust life and its unique flow. This is my inspiration and what is holding me, wherever I am whatever I do. My Neters are my best friends, coaches and wise teachers on my path and it is a joy to have them at hand wherever I am whatever I do...

I talk fluently Swissgerman, German, French, English and some Italian and Greek. On request I do workshops, trainings and guide sacred Journeys all over the world.

*Mitakuye Oyasin*

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PO Box 745
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915
United States

P 617-974-7466

Facilitator Since September 25, 2005

Facilitator Trainer Since October 7, 2007

Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer and self-taught artist who enjoys playing with mixed-media collage, and all forms of color and words. She has a BS degree in Education from Southern Connecticut State University and has taught children, teens and adults throughout the East Coast. She is a two-time cancer survivor and feels closest to her own soul when she is writing, creating art, teaching, and sharing the gift of SoulCollage® with others. She lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband, an elderly dog (Suzy) and one youthful cat (Louis) who keeps them all young. You can read more about how SoulCollage® assisted her on her cancer journey on her website SOS Cancer Journeys.

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Maui, Hawaii Makawao, Hawaii 96768
United States

P 808.283.3388

Facilitator Since September 12, 2010

Beth Marcil

Facilitator Since September 12, 2010

Originally from Charleston, SC, and a longtime resident of Maui, Hawaii, Beth Marcil is a professional visual artist and an arts-integration specialist who designs and facilitates art residencies in public schools throughout the state. Two of her programs, “It’s All in the Cards” and “Collaging the Hero’s Journey” contain a strong SEL (Social Emotional Learning) component, bringing SoulCollage® to boys and girls in middle and high school classrooms while teaching Visual Literacy and meeting Common Core Language Arts standards. She has also introduced the SoulCollage® process to many teachers and school counselors in professional development workshops around the state.

A graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, she is adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches. Combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal, Beth also holds workshops in mixed media art journaling and SoulCollage® for adults. An enthusiastic and dedicated art educator, she has nearly 35 years of experience as a facilitator in the arena of artistic transformation. Her SoulCollage® practice adds an even deeper dimension to Beth's life work as a creative midwife for those who wish to explore their depths within a safe and supportive group environment.

Facilitator Since September 12, 2010

Originally from Charleston, SC, and a longtime resident of Maui, Hawaii, Beth Marcil is a professional visual artist and an arts-integration specialist who designs and facilitates art residencies in public schools throughout the state. Two of her programs, “It’s All in the Cards” and “Collaging the Hero’s Journey” contain a strong SEL (Social Emotional Learning) component, bringing SoulCollage® to boys and girls in middle and high school classrooms while teaching Visual Literacy and meeting Common Core Language Arts standards. She has also introduced the SoulCollage® process to many teachers and school counselors in professional development workshops around the state.

A graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, she is adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches. Combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal, Beth also holds workshops in mixed media art journaling and SoulCollage® for adults. An enthusiastic and dedicated art educator, she has nearly 35 years of experience as a facilitator in the arena of artistic transformation. Her SoulCollage® practice adds an even deeper dimension to Beth's life work as a creative midwife for those who wish to explore their depths within a safe and supportive group environment.

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Aberglasslyn Natural Therpies Centre
32 Aberglasslyn Rd
Rutherford, New South Wales 2320

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P 02 49327533

Facilitator Since October 3, 2014

Facilitator Trainer Since October 14, 2018

As a child I loved to create. I often felt "out of step" at school and loved time to do my own thing creatively with fabric or anything that took my fancy. I also loved being in nature and my happiest memories are those of camping in the Australian bush.

The feelings of my childhood pushed me to try and understand myself which enevitably led me to embrace healing (myself and others).

I now have been working as a medical herbalist for over 30 years and emotional and spiritual wellbeing is a big part of how I work with my clients. One tool which I use in my clinic that I particularly am passionate about is the Australian Bush Flower Essences. I help clients 'listen' to the flowers and embrace their messages and healing. Prescribing an herbal remedy is indeed collaging, by listening  and using my extensive understanding of herbs I create a unique 'picture' in a bottle. My clients have taught me so much and I'm extremely grateful to have been trusted with their stories.

I, like a lot of people, discovered SoulCollage® "accidently" and I love the blending of creativity, imagination and spirituality. SoulCollage® has given me a transformative tool to bring into my practice.

 As a newly trained Facilitator Trainer and the Australian co-ordinator I have  a vision to bring the Australian SoulCollage® community together with a renewed vitality. Australia is uniquely placed in that we are a large geographic area with a small population and this presents challenges different to those facing Trainers in the USA and Europe. So my vision and challenge is to create an Australian community with a sense of place and belonging within our ancient land and from that base we can include the near Pacific and take our place in the global comminity of SoulCollage®.

I  really enjoying sharing SoulCollage with my clients in a one on one consultation and in workshops. I feel it helps those that feel 'out of step' to discover their unique dance.

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Charlotte, North Carolina 28270
United States

Facilitator Since June 27, 2004

Facilitator Trainer Since January 15, 2012

Catherine Anderson, MLA, is a photographer and artist living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She teaches SoulCollage®, Photography, Creativity and Visual Art Journaling from her studio in Charlotte, in addition to creativity and photography workshops in beautiful places around the world which have included South Africa, Italy, France, Mexico and Portugal.  Catherine trained as a Creativity Facilitator with Jan Phillips, Eric Maisel and Jill Badonsky and is on the Faculty of Veriditas, whose mission is inspiring personal and planetary change and renewal through the labyrinth experience. She has also attended Jean Houston's Mystery School.

Catherine is the author of a number of books including Meeting Your Soul on the Labyrinth: SoulCollage® and the Labyrinth as Pathways for Transformation, Journaling the Labyrinth Path, a number of Collage Imagery books, as well as The Creative Photographer, which is an exploration of creativity through the practice of photography. This book won a 2012 Silver Nautilus award in the Creative Process category.  

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Art and Soul Lab LOS ANGELES, California
United States

P 747-24-TRUST

Facilitator Since June 27, 2008

Facilitator Trainer Since April 20, 2017

As an "Inspirationalist" I've engaged thousands of people in taking actions that improve their life and the world. My creativity workshops spark the imagination, blast through inhibiting blocks, and support participant's dreams and desires. I am a mixed-media artist, singer, and vibrant "expressionist" committed to living life to the fullest!

I have 20+ years of experience leading workshops, classes, and retreats that take people on a journey of self-discovery, helping them to find and hear their inner wisdom. As a spiritual director, I bring silence, contemplation, and deep listening into my work. As a Veriditas Advanced Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator I integrate moving meditation into my work with SoulCollage®.

I'm also an entrepreneur with a passion for the environment, so I founded “Sustainable Works” a non-profit organization promoting sustainable living in the urban environment. Currently, I run my business, "Art and Soul Lab - A Place to Explore Your Creative, Authentic Self". 

Over the years I've worked with a variety of populations and men and women from all walks of life including: 

  • Veterans from the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs
  • 12-step program participants
  • WeSPARK Cancer Center members
  • Transition-aged Foster Youth
  • Churches, Synagogues, and various Spiritual Communities
  • College Students
  • Artists, and 
  • Therapists
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Bellingham, Washington 98225
United States

Facilitator Since September 19, 2004

I have been facilitating SoulCollage® workshops since 2004 in a variety of settings and with a variety of people. I am a certified Life Coach, working with Baby Boomer women who want to continue living a dymanic life. I am a professional speaker, typically giving inspiring speeches about overcoming adveristy and living our best lives.

I am a published author with essays in five anthologies and my memoir, A Leg to Stand On, An Amputee's Walk Into Motherhood. My writing practice has been very supportive of my SoulCollage® practice, allowing me to explore my cards and reading more deeply.

I have spent twenty years in non-profit managment, always supporting people who are marginalized in our society  - from people with physical, developemental, and mental disabilities, poeple with AIDS, at-risk youth, to grieving families.

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Marechal Rondon - casa forte - # 256
Recife 52061-050

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Facilitator Since September 9, 2012

Cristina é Psicóloga Arteterapeuta Mestre em Criatividade pela Universidade Fernando Pessoa – PT e Facilitadora de SoulCollage® e terapeuta Floral. Coordena o curso de Pós-graduação em Arteterapia,  desde de o ano 2000, faz parte do grupo TRAÇOS -estudos em Arteterapia. Publicou livros abordando a temática da arteterapia como também escreveu artigos relacionados ao tema. Frequentemente participa como convidada em Congressos nacionais e internacionais.

Sua principal linha de pesquisa é a relação entre arte e saúde mental. Desde 2002 coordena uma Clínica que utiliza recursos expressivos com pacientes com transtornos mentais diversos.

"SoulCollage para mim é suave forma de conexão com as imagens que povoam a minha vida. O ato de fazer os cartões tem sido um frequente exercício criativo e registro dos meus sonhos e memórias." 

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Rua Luis horta Barbosa 80 casa Barra
Rio de janeiro, Rio de Janeiro 22793660

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Facilitator Since November 6, 2014

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West Island of Montreal Beaconsfield, Quebec H9W 4K4

P 514-386-5197
P 514-695-7402

Facilitator Since June 10, 2012

Facilitator Trainer Since October 14, 2018

MA English, author ofThe Tao of Turning Fifty, What Every Women in Her Forties Needs to Know; Inner Wisdom Guide blog and personal Facebook page,  Also author of 2 books of poems: Little Mother  grew out of her pregnancy journals. For the Birds, 2006, was published with Little Red Bird Press. 

I love exploring SoulCollage® in my creative workshops and retreats for women, held a few times a year. My great joy is to work with journaling and SoulCollage® to help people connect with their inner selves, hear their own truth and feel nurtured with sacred Self-Care. We have so much wisdom inside of us, and we are worthy and deserving of taking this 'me time'.  My work has mainly been with women, exploring themes to do with our idea of feminine roles, mythology and the sacred feminine. Recently I have held some mixed workshops and enjoy exploring SoulCollage(R) with male audiences as well.

I live and work in the Montreal area. Call me for seasonal mini-retreats using SoulCollage® and journaling techniques. And something new in 2019, I offer SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings, the first one is this July 3-7, in Pierrefonds.

NEW: Check out my website for introductory SoulCollage(R) classes, themed classes and quarterly retreats. Past offerings include Navigating Transition Times, Warrior Women, The Heroine's Quest at Mid-Life, Archetypes of the Sacred Feminine, and Body Love in a Dangerous Time.


Kat Kirby M.Ed ATR-BC's picture
2KatStudios Prescott, Arizona 86305
United States

Facilitator Since September 17, 2006

Facilitator Trainer Since September 13, 2009

With an undergraduate degree in Art Education and Ceramics, and a Master's Degree in Art Therapy, I am continually fascinated at the profound changes my clients and workshop participants display, using the arts in their healing.  SoulCollage® is a perfect fit in the world of the Expressive Arts Therapies, as it helps people find a way to express who they are through imagery and voice, using the phrase "I Am One Who". I enjoy taking SoulCollage® "on the road" and have offered workshops, retreats, and trainings at universities, arts centers and retreat centers from San Diego to Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Massachusetts, France, Portugal, and the Caribbean! 

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43 Silver St
Paris, Ontario N3L1T7

P 519-442-9950

Facilitator Since October 21, 2016

Facilitator Trainer Since August 26, 2018

I have a Bachelor's of Theology from St. Stephen's College in Alberta and I have been a minister in the United Church of Canada since 2001.  While studying at St. Stephen's College, I also took several courses in Art Therapy.  In 2010, I graduated as a Spiritual Director from the Haden Institute, in Niagara Falls, Canada.  I have always integrated Art into my life and in 2011 when I discovered SoulCollage® the integration continued to deepen.

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Santa Cruz, California 95061
United States

Facilitator Since September 7, 2003

Facilitator Trainer Since September 7, 2003

Kylea Taylor, M.S., M.F.T. is a publisher, therapist, and writer. She is also President of SoulCollage Inc. Kylea and Seena Frost began training Facilitators together in the SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings in California in September 2003. Kylea is the author of The Ethics of Caring, The Breathwork Experience, Considering Holotropic Breathwork, and is the editor of Exploring Holotropic Breathwork, and an out-of-print book of poetry, Water Marks. Kylea is a certified Holotropic Breathwork™ facilitator and was a Senior Trainer for the Grof Transpersonal Training throughout the 1990s. She has a private therapy and consulting practice in Santa Cruz, CA. 

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2F-2, No. 362, Nanshi 2nd Street, Lin-kou
New Taipei City, T'ai-pei county 24466

P 886915254716

Facilitator Since September 11, 2014




Ranger U 認證教師





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UK and Portugal Areia 2750-080
United Kingdom

Facilitator Since September 12, 2010

As a born explorer I am lucky to have enjoyed living in 5 different countries so far: South Africa, where I spent my childhood, the United Kingdom, Portugal, the USA and France. The mingling of languages, landscapes and cultures is an ongoing source of pleasure and inspiration in my life.
Having spent my 20s in academia teaching and exploring languages and literature, I moved into translating between English, French and Portuguese. I also wrote copy for advertising companies and taught and mentored teenagers. These activities have all blended with my lifelong passion for the creative process, and especially for writing and the visual arts. To keep my own creativity bubbling, over the years I evolved a repertoire of playful verbal and visual activities which I eventually shaped into “Time for You” creativity workshops designed to support people in rekindling and keeping alight their creative flame. In 2008 I discovered SoulCollage® and fell in love with it as a unique way to access our inner richness and sustain our creative and personal wellbeing.
I currently live a dual-based life between England and Portugal and run SoulCollage® workshops and Facilitator Trainings in both countries. I particularly enjoy facilitating multi-lingual groups. It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to create the environment for SoulCollage® to work its magic. I am still thrilled by the power of SoulCollage® to bring people together in an atmosphere of trust, creativity, empathy and wonder.
I speak fluent French and Portuguese, have a working knowledge of German and an understanding of Dutch and Spanish. I love to travel and am open to running workshops and trainings wherever there may be a call to do so.


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Lucy Schaaphok
de Tilbarten 91
Goutum, Friesland 9084 CC

Facilitator Since August 15, 2010

Facilitator Trainer Since April 21, 2013

Lucy Schaaphok is facilitator en SoulCollage® trainer.

Lucy Schaaphok is a Dutch SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer, coach and artist.
Lucy has studied psychology and has years of personal experience in the fields of belief systems, spiritual practice and coaching. She uses her life experiences and knowledge to help people to become their authentic selves, find their life's mission and live according to that. She stimulates people to create their own belief system that supports the way they want to live - to live the life they dream of. Her goal is to make SoulCollage® well-known and used in Europe and abroad, and to inspire people to use this beautiful method.

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Creative Life Center
8778 Wolff Court, Suite 207
Westminster, Colorado 80031
United States

P 303-390-1223

Facilitator Since June 24, 2007

Facilitator Trainer Since April 8, 2018

Spirituality, connection, and creativity weave together in my life.  I connect to my intuition and inner wisdom through the process of creation, and it is by creating that I sense and understand the Mystery that we are connected in and through.  

Finding SoulCollage® in 2005 was a wonderful synchronistic connection that changed my life!  In 2007, I became a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator and started designing and giving workshops.  Eleven years later, I was thrilled to become a Trainer of SoulCollage® Facilitators.  I marvel at the power and simplicity of the process and value sharing it with others.

As Founder and Transformation Midwife of the Creative Life Center in Colorado, I hold space for you to feel connected, follow your path, and enrich your life through SoulCollage®, the labyrinth, and other fun and transformative experiences.


Please contact me directly by phone or email. Email contact using the Contact form through this site often mistakenly goes to my email spam folder.

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Lumen Novum
Rua Comendador Bernadino Costa Casa Forte
Recife, Pernambuco 52061 061

Facilitator Since September 9, 2012

Eu sou Psicóloga, Mestre em Arteterapia Clínica pela Long Island University C.W Post, New York. Especialista em teoria e prática Junguiana. Facilitadora de SoulCollage® desde 2012. Conheci o SoulCollage® no congresso nacional americano de Arteterapia em Sacramento, 2010.

"SoulCollage® para mim é um despretensioso processo de autoconhecimento, um convite a mergulhar nas imagens do inconsciente. Permite-me de maneira leve e encantadora dar forma às diversas partes de mim. As cartas são sempre uma surpresa, carregadas de energia e sabedoria." 

Clinical psychologist working in private practice

Vocational work

SoulCollage facilitator since 2012

at Lumen Novum, psicologia analítica e arteterapia

Art Therapy teacher at an Art Therapy extension program

SoulCollage facilitator

Training program in Santa Cruz, CA, USA (2012)

Graduated student in the Clinical Art Therapy Master’s program

Long Island University, C.W Post Campus, NY, USA (2011)

Graduated from extension program on Jung’s theories and practices

Veiga de Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2008)

B.A, Psychology, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, PE, Brazil (2006)

Mariabruna Sirabella MS LMFT's picture
USA, ITALY and worldwide California
United States

P 831-768-1442
P 39-349-114-4857

Facilitator Since September 17, 2003

Facilitator Trainer Since June 1, 2007







Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Self-Care Through SoulCollage - Feb. 21, 2019 - Pulakani, Maui, Hawai'i

Gifts of the Wild Self - Feb. 23-24, 2019 Maui, Hawai'i

Invite You Demons to Tea (SoulCollage® Shadow Workshop) - March 16-17, 2019 - Taipei, Taiwan

I Tamburi De Fuoco - April 17-22, 2019, Abbazia di San Giusto, Italia

La Fenice – Mito Antico, Viaggio Personale - May, 17-19, 2019 Ostuni, Italia

Tamburi Del Cuore - Aug. 25-29, 2019 Abbazia di San Giusto, Italia

SoulCollage® International Facilitator Conference - June 16-23, 2019 - Sorano, Italy

Drums of Fire - Oct. 1-6, 2019 - North Kawartha, ON, Canada 

Anima Rising - October 11-12, 2019 - Toronto, ON, Canada 

Your New Narrative - Oct. 15-19, 2019 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA, USA

Embrace Your Creativity: A SoulCollage® Feast for the Soul, Nov. 3-8, 2019, 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA, USA

November 21-24, 2019: Annual SoulCollage® Winter Retreat, Santa Sabina, CA, USA

Facilitator Trainings:

San Juan Bautista, California - Feb. 14 -17, 2019

Taipei, Taiwan - Feb. 21-24, 2019

Los Angeles, California - March 26-29, 2019

Montegrotto, Italy - May 1-5, 2019

Tuscania, Italy - Aug. 18-22, 2019

San Juan Bautista, CA, USA - Nov. 13-17, 2019



Please be patient and scroll down to find the details of the events that interest you, or visit my website, Thank you. 

Per piacere abbi pazienza e continua a visitare questa pagina finche' non hai trovato l'evento che ti interessa. Informazioni in italiano. 

In my life I have been blessed with a richness of culture and experiences.  The U.S. is my third home, after Italy and India. In Italy I grew up, learned about friendship, and during my studies in Theater Anthropology I met my passion for Eastern and Indigenous practices and traditions. They led me to India where I witnessed individual and community healing take place through trance and dance, and indulged my deep love for traveling. When I moved to the US in 1987, I started exploring my own personal healing and ways to be of service to others. This led to more inner and outer journeys and to teaching: Ashtanga Yoga, workshops, SoulCollage® -  in private settings and in institutions such as JFK University where I am Adjunct Faculty. Since 1996 I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist in Watsonville, CA, where I also offer shamanic drumming sessions. Besides continuing to grow my SoulCollage deck, I paint and sculpt clay.

Mirabai Joan Kolari's picture
Santa Rosa, California 95405
United States

P 707-347-6427
P 39 0125 4081275

Facilitator Since March 15, 2009

Facilitator Trainer Since March 11, 2011

Mirabai is an international SoulCollage® Facilitator and Trainer currently facilitating groups in Europe and the United States. She was trained by Seena Frost, the founder of SoulCollage® and adds this training to her years of personal exploration into different modalities of meditation, yoga, spiritual guidance and healing practices. She has been an active student of the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School since 2008 and has studied in Zurich as well as continuing her study in the US.  She weaves these and all of her teachings into a joyful tapestry of learning, creativity and fun. Mirabai is an initiate of the Sufi Ruhaniat Order, a mentor, teacher, writer and guide. She is committed to her own ongoing transformation and refinement of character and enjoys sharing all that she’s learned along her journey.