What People are Saying

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SoulCollage® continues to teach me acceptance and love for myself and others. This weekend deepened my understanding of how alike we all are deep inside, behind all our roles and tastes. I feel more confident about my ability to attract and share with others who will benefit. I feel excited to let my unique voice and power ring out. The opportunity to help others find the magic of the process is an amazing gift.
~ J. B., Tulsa, OK

I want [our Trainers] to know how valuable their presence is to this process, that their love for SoulCollage®, their willingness to do the work themselves, and their living and gentle support and guidance has made this experience a meaningful and wonderful one.
~ G. B., San Diego, CA

Earth Mother by T. Bailie
This experience has been a life-transforming one.

~ C. O, Grand Rapids, MI

We have been friends and colleagues for over twenty years. We are both artists and psychotherapists and have always supported each other in so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. When we decided to attend the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training in March 2014, we were excited about the adventure of “a road trip” together as well as embarking on this amazing journey as partners in a new creative endeavor.

We spent some time together pre-Facilitator Training, making cards & listening to Seena Frost’s CDs.  We got to be “roomies” at the Training and had a wonderful car ride home, sharing stories of our lives we’d never shared before. Most importantly, however, is what comes next. We are reviewing all the resources available and planning our first workshops and marketing plans. We also get to make and share our cards and do readings together. We feel very lucky to have a buddy to do this with.  We also feel very welcomed by the SoulCollage® Community and blessed to be part of the circle.
~ Cynthia Hymowitz and Kaylin Noblin, Santa Rosa, CA

I feel I have gained a deeper understanding of the speciic SoulCollage® processes and principles, and can better see how to design and conduct workshops and groups. I have also gained a new community and some new friends. I feel very supported.
~ Rene Thomas, Emeryville, CA

You [Trainers] were great, I appreciate your deep experience with the process and the quality of integrity and practice that you hold, live by, and share.
~ Lauren Atkinson, Greenbank, WA

I feel confident I can go out and create a community of SoulCollage® enthusiasts....I met many new friends, and my spirit and creativity feel renewed.
~ Tommi West San Francisco, CA

I have basically gained a whole new worldview that is compatible with the one I entered with, only vastly enlarged and enriched.
~ Marti Ashby, Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone who shows interest will know from me to take advantage of this wonder-filled opportunity. This has really fed a deep neeed in me and I will show my respect for you and the organization by bringing it to as many humans as possible.
~ Julie Abercrombie, Moscow, ID

Anyone who had even the slightest indication of interest in SoulCollage® as a practice would receive the highest recommendation from me to attend a Facilitator's Training.
 ~James M. Zderic, Sonoma, CA

I feel affirmed in the work I've been doing and encouraged to do more! I feel connected now to a supportive community of "like minds"!! I now feel I have resources behind me to expand working with SoulCollage® -- in regional heart and cancer centers, perhaps. You have given me a great gift!
~Mary Mathews, Clinton, NY

 [I was] very moved by the physical experience of becoming part of the international network of people opening ourselves for ourselves. This Training was a very important introduction to a powerful tool for accessing myself directly -- unmediated...A revolutionary process and tool that I know I will use often...I am grateful to be a part of the SoulCollage® community.
~Stephanie O'Leary, Salem OR

It was a great weekend. This work is so simple, yet so profound. I'm very grateful. There aren't enough words for my appreciation of SoulCollage®, the three of you, and the weekend's experience. Thank you so much.
~Maya Spector, Menlo Park, CA

I couldn't believe how much took place in the space of a few days, and have never come across a process that is so accessible, versatile, and brimming with possibility. In my experience, it is unusual for such deep inner work to occur in such a large group of people who have just met - attributable in no small way to your steadfast and generous presence and openness of heart. I learned a great deal in Santa Cruz, and the learning will continue. I hope (and believe) the day will come when you will have to set out a map the size of a football pitch to hold all the facilitators' pins.
~Ruth Jacob, County Dublin, IRELAND

I enjoyed each of your energies and teamwork. It was an honor to hear Seena speak about her book and see her cards after reading it, just to be in contact with the direct source of SoulCollage®. The Training has deepened and enriched my understanding of the process. I plan to heal myself; create more cards and, hopefully, begin sharing it informally. This was all I hoped for and more. I thank you deeply.
~Sherry McCoy, Lake Oswego, OR

Hip, hip hooray! I was utterly thrilled to witness what can happen when I trust my own unconscious process. I would like to encourage others to enjoy this experience.
~Patria Brown, Davenport, CA

Wow! I've gained a tremendous amount of information and confidence in this process. Reading the book and listening to the tapes beforehand was very important.
~Jane Hosey Stern, Olathe, KS

I was surprised to find how vulnerable and open the process made me. It was wonderful to be part of this community. I had a deep, rich understanding of the [SoulCollage®] process and a real appreciation for the power of these cards-- I can't wait to share it. ~Roberta Raye, Marina del Raye, CA

I find it very refreshing in this day and age of cognitive behavioral therapy and quick fixes, that the shadow aspects were all included and accepted.
~Amy Sullivan, Pacifica, CA

I am ignited by the process and the use of the cards with myself and clients. I really enjoyed the people I met at the workshop. This beautiful growth process will enrich my life and my clients' lives.
~Mary Welschmeyer, Monterey, CA

This has been a personally enriching and affirming eperience, so much that even if it hasno impact on my professional life (though I feel it will) I would still consider it to have been a worthwhile experience. I had many prompts and synchronicities pointing me to come here, and I am so glad I follwed them.
~Imelda Maguire, County Donegal, IRELAND




Audrey Chowdhury and Mariabruna Sirabella, SoulCollage® Trainers 
Audrey Chowdhury and Mariabruna Sirabella, Kat Kirby, Diane Born
a few  of the SoulCollage® Trainers

Lovely, wise and fun and wonderful teachers.
~Melyssa Cowles, Soquel, CA

My interactions with the teachers and participants were a tremendous gift to me during the weekend. I appreciate the openness of all the teachers listening to my questions and ideas throughout the weekend.
~Julie Ratner, Seattle, WA


I have gained a new level of understanding in how the process really works and now have the confidence to share.
~Julia van Paepeghem, Chehalis, WA

I plan to bring SoulCollage® to a [coed] group of adolescents and also to the professionals working in adolescent treatment.
~Carolyn Durgin, Golden, CO

I gained a greater confidence, a deeper understanding, and an opening of my heart. I hope to build a SoulCollage® community in Colorado.
~Rachel Grad, Boulder, CO

WOW, I GOT IT! how this is so powerful, amazing. I am planning to do workshops in the Women's DreamQuest community and with churches all over the place.
~Gyllian Davies, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Very powerful and revealing experiences. I was unprepared for the depth of the experience - it must be felt firsthand. Can't wait to return home and begin the process of putting a group together.
~Ginny Fleming, Los Angeles, CA

I have gained an enormous amount from this weekend -- it is the most profoundly moving workshop/training I've ever had. I plan to continue to utilize SoulCollage® in my hospice bereavement groups, as well as in private individual and group work, and of course with interested friends and family.
~Robert Rook, Baltimore, MD

I feel like I have been in the presence of a National Treasure (Seena), and I know I will be creating my own cards and helping others on their journeys for a long, long time. Thank you.
~Kathryn Kirby, Prescott, AZ

I experienced the generosity of putting the work "out there" in the world while at the same time holding to/honoring its integrity. It is always powerful and motivating for me to feel part of a community wherein there is a shared commitment to integrity, giving credit, honoring the source, and ethical standards.
~Meo O'Malley, San Diego, CA

The space we created was very empowering -- I felt much more comfortable in my own skin than I have for years. So the process was very healing, and I think all three of you [facilitators] (as well as all of those who have come before us.) 
~Lila Critchley, Pacific Grove, CA

I have practiced SoulCollage® for a while now, taking long breaks and always coming back to it, but taking this training really challenged me to deepen my awareness and appreciation of this process in my life. I am eager to share this with whomever I find along the way. Thanks!
~Sani Post, Davis, CA

I will take this work out into the world with love and respect and an intention to keep the integrity of SoulCollage® even as it is transformed through me and the new souls it touches.
~Laura Hegfield, Amherst, NH

I felt both nurtured and set free -- a perfect balance.
~Lynn King, Redlands, CA

:)) Ahhhhhhh!
~Linda Halouzka, Questa, NM