Why People Become Facilitators

Kat Kirby teaching

Over the years we have heard many reasons why people choose to train as a SoulCollage® Facilitator. Not everyone who attends a Training always fits neatly into one of these categories, but these are the reasons that are most often shared with us. In addition, of course, to enthusiasm for one's personal experience of making and using SoulCollage® cards!

1. Non-artists struggling to express their longing to be creative appreciate that there is no wrong or right way in SoulCollage®; the process is simple, fun and profound. Anyone able to manage scissors and glue can create beautiful cards and enjoy sharing them with others. 

2. Therapists, counselors, nurses and other helping professionals find a creative way to work with their clients that goes beyond words and concepts, one that provides direct experiential access to intuition, insight and transformation. (24 CEUs for CA MFTs and/or LCSWs available.) CLICK HERE for more information on Training for Professionals.

3. Healers and people seeking to heal see in SoulCollage® a gentle yet deep self-care method that reveals their inner guidance by exploring and "becoming" images and by using their cards to do SoulCollage® readings.

4. Artists interested in bringing a new dimension to their art find a spiritually-infused process that they can share with others, a creative threshold to surprising revelations, greater self-understanding and the enriching acceptance of the light and shadow at play in our lives.

5. Caregivers supporting their own growth and self-care in the process of providing significant care for another, as well as having the skills and resources to introduce SoulCollage® to the care receiver and/or his or her family members.

6. People wanting to truly transform their life through a healthy lifestyle, with more energy and happiness to reach goals, become a better employee, leader, parent, friend, volunteer, entrepreneur, or anything else you want to do well, and help your friends, family, co-workers, and community in a simple and empowering way.

7. Anyone who values participating in and building learning communities based on mutual respect, support, and a commitment to care for self and others are drawn to learn and share SoulCollage®.

8. People looking for a way to give back to their communities, families, friends, children, church groups, women's/men's groups, hospices and other organizations see SoulCollage® as an opportunity to support the growth and well-being of others and themselves.

9. Individuals seeking spiritual renewal and a creative way to access their deeper guidance and wisdom.

The only pre-requisites for taking this Training are to obtain a basic knowledge of SoulCollage® by taking a Fundamentals of SoulCollage® course, reading Seena's book, SoulCollage® Evolving, and listening to her two CDs. Experience attending in-person SoulCollage® workshops or retreats is also suggested. 

Click here to see a current schedule of SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings.

"I experienced the generosity of putting the work "out there" in the world while at the same time holding to/honoring its integrity. It is always powerful and motivating for me to feel part of a community wherein there is a shared commitment to integrity, giving credit, honoring the source, and ethical standards."~Meo O'Malley, San Diego, CA