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  • Facilitator Since April 4, 2014

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    Home Denton, Texas 76205
    United States

    Christine has moved often in her lifetime and lived all over the United States as well as in Germany, Taiwan, Ecuador, Bolivia and Saudi Arabia. 

    She is a novelist and poet whose works include Magdalene A. D. an historical novel; a novel for middle school readers, Mystery of the Black Madonna; two volumes of poetry, Be A Teller of Tales and The Naked Man; the CD, Originals; a manual of rituals, The Wheel of the Year; and a travel memoir, Motorcycle Dreaming: Riding the Beauty Way Back in Time Across America. Her body of work also includes two plays written in collaboration with fellow playwright Kathryn Smith, A Rose in Winter dealing with the life and times of  the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Crazy Wisdom, a compendium of Crone insights, visions and cacklingsHer passion is story. All her work - writing, ritual and collage - tells a story of some kind. Christine believes the storytelling in all its many forms is the oldest and truest vehicle humanity possesses for the passing on of wisdom and culture.  

    Christine is a ritualist ordained in two traditions - The Fellowship of Isis and The Gnostic Church of St. Mary Magdalene.  She creates and leads customized  marriage, memorial, naming, house blessing, labyrinth and rite-of-passage ceremonies.  

    Christine has been working with collage for thirty years.  She loves collage for the freedom it gives her to bring the symbolism of various times and cultures into unusual juxtapositions the reflect the underlying Oneness of our universe.  Along with fellow artist Michelle Anglin, Christine has created a series of thematic collage workshops based on Jungian psychology, Goddess spirituality and an extensive study of symbols in which participants are led through meditation and ritual to create a collage and explore its meaning.  Their themes include such topics as The Winter Bear, Creating a Personal Mandala and Finding the Goddess Within.

    Above all, Christine is a feminist and a devotee of the feminine divine.  She has been sitting in and facilitating circles of women since 1978 when the women's movement and the Great Goddess appeared in her life at the same time to change her life.  She is co-founder of the Soldotna Women's Resource Center and California Alliance for Women.  Her trainings include Consciousness Raising, Assertiveness Training, mediation, hot-line intervention,  the understanding and care of battered women, PeerSpirit Facilitation and SoulCollage®. 

    She currently keeps three blogs going: Two Twitch a Tale - - a blog featuring collage work related to the exploration of the meaning of fairy tales. Mused by Magdalene - - Whatever tickles her fancy, strikes a nerve,or delights Blog from the Back of the Bike - - places, persons or things of interest encountered on motorcycle trips with her beloved husband of 46 years.