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  • Facilitator Since June 13, 2010

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    Crystal Lake Crystal Lake, Illinois 60012
    United States

    P 815-893-9786

    Over the years I've learned that I am many things to many people and that what I think may be a strength I posess can end up being a challenge in a different situation (and vice-versa.) Some of them the personas I have include wife,  mother, daughter, teacher, healer, chaplain, facilitator, counselor, friend, and animal caretaker.  In my professional life I am licensed and certified counselor, a board certified chaplain, a board certified coach, MARI practitioner and teacher,  a certified teacher and an ordained minister. Facilitating SoulCollage® trainings allows me to inspire, and assist others in finding him/herself. SoulCollage® is like taking some or all the portions of life; and in a visual and expressive way clarifying or sometimes codifying them. This process has helped me expand and define some of my own personas.  It helps my clients and is healing to the spirit. Creating a a card and using my deck is a deeply engaging and satisfying experience that has helped me see the patchwork of days we call living each become their own little collages adding up to our own individual art work, our lives.