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  • Facilitator Since July 5, 2013

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    Bega, New South Wales 2550

    P 0428764746

    I have been creating collage for over 2o years as a form of creative expression. I friend of mind ran a SoulCollage workshop in my home and I fell in love with the process as it deepened my understanding of self, my creative process and the power of both to create balance and harmony in my own life. I completed my facilitator training in 2013 with Karen Mann in Sydney Australia. I currently run workshops locally with both small and large groups and I also enjoy working one on one with clients around specific issues that want to be explored.

    I would love to introduce you, your community groups and associations, your family, and colleagues to SoulCollage®. I run half or full day workshops, and retreats that can include Mindfulness, Yoga and relaxation teachniques. I am open to working with other practictioners of modalities such as Body Harmony, Yoga traditions, movement/dance and creative art therapies. 

    I also really enjoy working one on one with individuals who want to use SoulCollage® to explore a personal issue, circumstance or for answering life's questions. Session includes setting an intention, card making with support/guidance/presencing and then supporting you to read the cards made and to hear their wisdom.