Frances Pullara

Facilitator since September 25, 2005

Frances Pullara
Sanctuary Center
Redondo Beach, California 90277 (United States)
P 310-316-0817
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F 310-377-0380


With a B.A. in Communications (emphasis on journalism and public relations) and an M.A. in Humanities (emphasis on Religious Studies), I have long been a writer and teacher of journal keeping. I am a certified consultant for the late Ira Progoff’s National Intensive Journal, but now teach and use tools from several methods of journal keeping. I am also a certified ecumenical spiritual director and work part-time as a school archivist after retiring from a career in communications. I thought I was NOT an artist until 2003 when I learned about SoulCollage® from Somerset Studio Magazine. I found art I could create to dovetail as springboards into writing. I took the facilitator training in 2005 and since then I have also become an avid art journaler and a mixed media artist as well as a grateful SoulCollager.


Description of SoulCollage® work

Since I began making cards in 2003, I have created more than 200 and many of them can be seen at my blog, Sacred Ordinary. I have given introductory presentations to local churches and non-profits and meet  informally with friends I have trained. I use SoulCollage® with writing groups and have introduced the technique to spiritual directees. I have never found such an enriching tool for ongoing inner exploration that works so well with writing although some of the people I’ve taught are not regular journal keepers themselves.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

My passion for journal keeping and SoulCollage® are two of my creative outlets I never tire of. Once I felt comfortable with SoulCollage® I even got the courage to branch into art journals and now mixed media collage. All these things go together, I’ve found. Long interested in Carl Jung’s work, I’ve just begun exploring some of his drawings and writings from the Red Book and will take a workshop this spring. I’ve added Jung’s image into my Community suite in SoulCollage and intend to create other cards to enhance the study. I am also a two-time breast cancer survivor and have several cards regarding diagnosis, treatment and the future. The body of my SoulCollage® work are in the Committee and Council suites. My Community suite continues to grow and the Companion suite is one I have not yet fully incorporated. I also keep small suites in imagery exercises and meditation as well as an occasional dream. Three years ago I made a personal SoulCollage calendar featuring my cards and some of the "I am the one who" statements, a question, and historical background.

Other Notes

The majority of the people I have taught SoulCollage® are women who are 60+ and I find that I particularly enjoy this population. The times we were raised didn't encourage us to be inner explorers. If we were not trained as artists when we were young, we tend to say that we are not capable of creating art because we can't draw. SoulCollage® has convinced hundreds of professed un-artists that they are artists indeed, and because we do not sell any of our work, we are not driven to make a living out of our creations. I have also found that older people have more courage and curiosity about the aging process and death itself. SoulCollage provides a unique medium for this kind of exploration. What a gift Seena Frost has given the world.