Heidi Erhardt

Facilitator since March 26, 2019

Heidi Erhardt
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 2K6 (Canada)
P (250) 896-5986


Heidi is a passionate Creatress, devoted to personal development, community evolution and service. She has just relocated to Victoria from Maui, Hawaii where she lived, taught and mentored in her community for nearly twenty years. She has decades of group facilitation experience which has generated strong interpersonal skills, supporting participants to relax, trust themselves, take risks, be creative and deepen in their awareness of self. Heidi has been involved in Soul Collage for several years and uses it as a daily personal Practice. Her enthusiasm for sharing the process is born of her desire to offer the same depth of experience and inner reflection that she has received.

Heidi’s greatest passion is in working one-on-one with people as well as hosting groups where she can create a safe container that generates trust, self-awareness, depth of presence and transpersonal growth.  





Description of SoulCollage® work

Heidi has been collecting images and doing collage art for decades, so when she found SoulCollage several years back she was delighted to develop that art as a spiritual practice. A propensity for the creative, she's dabbled in photography and hosted three art shows with her photos mounted on handmade locally-sourced frames. She is also a Vipassana meditator and has been on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and personal growth (which SoulCollage supports magnificently!). She loves to travel, learn and have new life experiences. Heidi also dances as a regular practice with a troupe and is currently co-creating workshops that combine practices of SoulCollage with authentic movement dance, holotropic breathwork and grief work. Heidi has been a teacher, mentor, facilitator and workshop leader for the past 30 years and is devoted to sharing her passion for SoulCollage and its transformative power.

TESTIMONIAL: I enjoyed so many aspects of the workshop… the sacredness of the space created through altars, candles, flowers and beautiful music being played while we worked meditatively. I enjoyed getting to know fellow participants in a deep way and yet maintaining that respect for each person’s process and personal autonomy. It was really helpful when you advised us to refrain from making subjective comments about each other’s work; creating that space of no judgment. Obviously, I loved working with the images...seeing the diversity of people, animals, and backgrounds...colours, shapes...activated so much within me.


Alice L. Meyers

M.A. (Linguistics) | Ph.D. Candidate (Language & Literacies Education)

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning 

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto



"You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. 

Just wait for the birth, for the hour of the new clarity."

Rainer Maria Rilke






Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

SoulCollage has become a daily personal practice. Each day after I meditate, I take 30-60 minutes and either make a card, journal about a card, or do a card reading that can give me some insight into my day. My current focus is on Jungian archetypes and specifically how they influence the Committee and Council Suits. I am reading about archetypes and exploring my own archetypical wheel. Great insights and perspective on my life are ensuing, insights I will bring into my workshops!