Theoretical Basis and Therapeutic Elements of SoulCollage®

Here are some papers, articles and books having to do with the psychological origin, the theoretical basis, the therapeutic elements, and a few of the therapeutic applications of the SoulCollage® method. These papers, particularly the one in bold type below, may be useful in the following ways; 

  • Learning about the psychological elements of the SoulCollage® method
  • Answering workshop questions from participants who are therapists
  • Establishing credibility with your licensing Board so they will accept CEUs for your retaking the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training. (There’s lots of new material in our Training now and it’s a fun way to earn CEUs and reconnect with your Facilitator Community.)
  • Establishing credibility with administrators for using or teaching SoulCollage® in an institution of higher learning
  • Establishing credibility to provide in-service workshop for professionals (see the SoulCollage® Facilitator Guidelines first)
  • Establishing credibility for a conference presentation application
  • Applying to be an individual provider of continuing education for therapists

Frost, S. B. (2001). SoulCollage® evolving: An intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead.  Book.

Frost, S. B. (2008). Working with the shadow in SoulCollage®. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead.  Audio/CD.

Sirabella, S. and Taylor, K. (2017). The theoretical basis and therapeutic elements of the SoulCollage® method. Santa Cruz, CASoulCollage Inc. PDF download.

Taylor, K. (2002). SoulCollage®: An art process to use with breathwork. In Taylor, K. [Ed.] Exploring Holotropic Breathwork™. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead. PDF download.

Wiedermann, T. T. (2018). The clinical practice of the SoulCollage® method, based on Jungian psychology. 

Weiss, N. and Raphael, J. (2013). How to make MeCards4Kids™: Creative expression for children and the grown-ups in their lives. Santa Cruz, CA: Hanford Mead. Book.

Wolfer, S. (2015). SoulCollage®: Cross Cultural applications for treating depression and other behavioral health challenges. In Brooke, S. L. and Myers, C. E. (2015). Therapists creating a cultural tapestry. Charles C Thomas Pub Ltd. PDF download.

See also "SoulCollage®" at Wikipedia