Judith Prest

Facilitator since October 5, 2008

Judith Prest
Spirit Wind Studio
Duanesburg, New York 12056 (United States)
P 518 275 3404 (cell)



Judith Prest, LMSW,  is a poet, collage artist, creativity coach and holds certificates in Expressive Art Therapy and Creativity Coaching from New York Expressive Arts Studio in Albany, NY. She was trained in SoulCollage® by Seena Frost in Baltimore MD, in Fall of 2008.  

Since retiring from my school social work job in July 2009, I have been doing what I see as my "real work" -- facilitating SoulCollage® workshops and classes (and other creativity & healing workshops) in a variety of venues. I've given workshops in schools, community centers, prisons, retreat centers and libraries.  I also am a mixed media artist (including SoulCollage®), and a writer - primarily a poet and keeping a visual and written journal.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I began giving SoulCollage® workshops in January of 2009 and since then have presented a number of "Introduction to SoulCollage®" day-long sessions, a series on "The Suits" and have collaborated with other facilitators to hold an overnight SoulCollage® retreat at Silver Bay Conference Center on Lake George in upstate New York (April 2010).  Have also collaborated with another facilitator to develop and present "The Dance of Light and Shadow in SoulCollage®" in November of 2010, at Spirit Wind Studio, with plans to make this an annual event.

I've been a member of the International Women's Writing Guild since 1996 and have attended IWWG's annual summer conference since 1997. This past summer, I was accepted as a workshop leader, and I developed a 6 session program "Taking Dictation from Witihin: Writing and SoulCollage®"..  My workshop at the IWWG conference was very well received and my classroom was overflowing each afternoon. 

Several years ago, I was able to bring SoulCollage into the Dolores Baylor Women's Correctional Facility in Wilmington, Delaware.  The women loved making the cards, and since they were only allowed (by the prison, not by me!) to make one card apiece, some of them collaged both sides so that they had two cards to take away from the workshop. The writing and sharing in response to the cards was deep and moving.

Our group of four facilitators (also known as the Soul Essence Sisters) has been meeting monthly since March of 2009.  We meet to make cards, do readings AND to plan the retreat.  A second retreat at Silver Bay is being planned for April of 2011 - "Portals and Touchstones: A SoulCollage® Retreat".

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I've been making SoulCollage® cards since the summer of 2007. I now have 84 cards and my deck has outgrown the wooden box I purchased from the SoulCollage® website two years ago!  My cards go almost everywhere with me, and I've made cards in many places....

My own practice with the cards includes using them as prompts for poetry and journaling as well as for readings both on my own and with others.