Karen M Campbell

Facilitator since April 17, 2011

Karen M Campbell
380 S. Main St
Falls City, Oregon 97344 (United States)
P 503-990-0813
P 503-990-0813


Background: 20 years work in Oregon Corrections facilitating cognitive and life skills activities Certified in: • Aggression Replacement Therapy • Cognitive Self Change Groups • Peer Mediation/ Dispute Resolution • Pathways to Recovery Program • Cannabis Youth Training • It’s Not OK Anymore-domestic violence program • SoulCollage®

Founding member of the Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication

Personal Study and practice of the Tarot since 1960. I offer Spirit Guided Readings and love to participate in Holistic Faires.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I first attended a SoulCollage workshop with Suzie Wolfer at the urging of a friend who didn’t want to go all the way to Portland by herself. Things are always more fun when shared. And it was a lot of fun. The following year I was given an assignment (for a Group Counseling class at college) to attend counseling groups. So of course, I went to more of Suzie’s SoulCollage® workshops! What an easy ‘A’ in that class! I also went to Suzie for personal counseling, which most of us with 20+ years working in prison environments really need. I’ll have to make a Community SoulCollage® card for Suzie! She has certainly been important in my life. I can’t count how many SoulCollage® workshops I’ve attended since then. I’m hooked! I have close to 70 cards in my deck. I’m now retired from civil service, but still feel a need to be of service. SoulCollage® gives me an opportunity to play, and serve, learn, and grow with others.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I am especially enjoying making Community Cards which celebrate the ‘Stand Alone Courage’ of women in my life and in our history. I try to celebrate a different woman who has influenced my life each month and part of that celebration is making a SoulCollage® card to commemorate her contribution. Many of them are volunteers who come into the prisons to teach quilting, yoga, Nonviolent Communication, HIV/AIDS Prevention, and much more. I’m newly certified to facilitate SoulCollage® (by Suzie of course…) and anxious to share my enthusiasm with all comers.