Kas Sobey

Facilitator since September 19, 2013

Kas Sobey
Inner Harvest home /office
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460 (United States)
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I am enjoying my journey.
I have a very curious and mind that is creative in seeking more to integrate into my life and my practice.
I am gifted with friends, mentors, and life experiences, which continues to open doors of deeper understanding.
I revel in the creative process and follow where inspiration takes me. Generally, it is in the form of writing, doodling, solution seeking, SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™, cooking, space design, a new class and thinking out of the box. “What box?”

I love practicing and facilitating one-day mini retreats.  I look forward to expanding on this to longer times.  Collaboration with other people, themes and a variety of processes are important to me to share with my community.

I will often walk in nature or a labyrinth to relax and find my own inner calm.
The labyrinth is another form of listening to answers to questions yet unanswered.
I am also a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator.  This is another way of journeying inward to seek answers/solutions, peace and is above all else, a walking meditation.
To Release (empty) while walking and open to Receive, and integrate (Returning), is quite an experience. This process is also one I look forward to weaving into my practice.
I love the feeling of being able to offer a palette of blended processes to my clients. Everyone is unique and has their own journey in life.
I believe we are all on our own journeys yet intertwined with all others in an intricately beautiful and complex web of life. In my professional life and play, I offer ways to understand and guide in a variety of ways.
I continue to have monthly SoulCollage® workshops on a variety of themes.
I plan to expand on the nature of my workshops on a variety of themes and bring in others.
I believe in quiet time to reflect and get in touch with ourselves. I also feel to create and share in a group/community is a fun and synergistic way of growing ourselves!
Thank you Seena!

Description of SoulCollage® work

Monthly Meetings based on a variety of themes.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

It has been a grand beginning for me.  I am becoming more deeply aware of my parts whether intentionally or intuitively.  As I continue my card readings, the relationship with each card goes deeper and deeper.  Amazing process!
I am looking forward to each time I interact with the cards or create new ones.  This is a ritual that I will continue to weave into my personal life and those that become connected to it through my workshops. Definitely a keeper!
Much thanks to my facilitators; Anne Marie Bennett and Jean Marie Marie Merkel! The women I met and spent quality time with in this workshop are awsome, phenominal and have become a part of my life.


    The choices of different collage types and shapes adds a larger, broader vista of creative ideas just waiting to be realized!
    Come spend some time Thursday evening, March 14, with fun, imaginative community of women (men are invited as well), who share their goals, desires and still unfolding hopes with each other through the medium of collage. Experienced or new doesn't matter.
    The space that is created is one of sacred respect, fun and
    wild imaginings!
    WHEN: Thursday evening, March 14, 2019
    WHERE: My home
    TIME: 6:30 PM -9 PM.
    COST: $ 40.00, includes all the materials to use, tools and some snacks,
    coffee and teas. Crock pot on for the evening times. Something good and tasty!
    WHERE: My home (address sent once you have registered).
    The theme this evening will be:
    How is the new year progressing for you?
    Is it flowing smoothly?
    Overwhelming abundance of just too much stuff?
    What new support do you need (or turn up the support that is already available)?
    Or perhaps, you may want to add to this years intentions orsubtract to add a new path.
    As always, there is always a theme to the workshops.Feel free to choose another that may be calling you. we shall call that Creators Choice!
    SoulCollage®Vision Boards and JourneyCircles™ cards and boards will be here for you. Also, feel free to write more in your journal.
    Mixing small images into your journal writing can be a choice as well!
    More about that later in the year.
    Creating your individual story is uniquely yours to have fun with in many inventive, innovative ways.
    Or, mix and match from each! No worries.
    All materials are here for you. Take your pick, and feel free to bring some of your own images and words/phrases that connect with you.
    Always a bevy of new images with added words/phrases for your vision boards or JourneyCircles™.
    All the materials you need will be here. The different kinds of "boards" will be in an area you can pick and play with. JourneyCirclesTM cards are round. They are fun, different and unique and come in different size circles.
    Vision Boards are very intentional and goal focused on anything you are want to realize into reality.
    Minimum is 4 people. Maximum is 10 people. So, sign up and send your check as soon as you decide. Call or text with any questions!
    To register, please text, email or click HERE for PayPal or check!
    Next Mini Retreat will be Saturday, May 8,2019.
    Times are 11:00 AM- 4:00 PM! Theme: How JourneyCircleTM works with SoulCollage(R)

    My home
    11 Davis Rd Apt. 15
    Phoenixville, Pennsylvania 19460
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    March 14, 2019 (All day)