The Council Suit and 3 Transpersonal cards. The other Dimension.

The Council Suit and 3 Transpersonal cards. The other Dimension.

A New Kind of Workshop Continues to Evolve!

SoulCollage® Mini Day Retreat

Explore the Mystery of the SoulCollage Council Suit

When: Sunday, February 2, 2020, 11:00AM – 4PM

Where: My home (address will be sent after you register)

Price: $40

What is the Council Suit?

It is about Archetypes?

Think of the Council Suit as the big picture . The larger story. It is the energies that guide and direct our life.

These energies are unique to everyone in how it plays out through our lives.

The Committee Suit is very instrumental in assisting the larger Council, to play out in our day to day lives. Our smaller, inside story.

The Committee suit, our individual parts, that we express in our lives, gardener, cook, inner child etc., may be considered the inside, smaller story.

The larger story, the Council are the subtle (and not so subtle), energies that guide us through life.

Spirit Guides, Archetypes, Master plan, are some of the other phrases that have been used for the Council Suit.

Come join us for some fun and a potent time to learn which Archetypes call to you and how they express through you in your life.

As in SoulCollage, the images choose us..

The Council suit is the larger, outside story.

There will be handouts and lists with many examples of Archetypes and Council guides that assist you on this life’s journey.

There are 3 Transpersonal cards. They do not represent cards (Neters), as other SoulCollage(R) cards do.

These cards are Source, SoulEssence and the Witness.

When the Transpersonal cards are created, often there is a great feeling of peace and silence. More about this at the mini day retreat!
The cost includes materials, tools, snacks with coffee and teas.

Please feel free to bring any special snack or food you would like.

All images and everything you need will be here.

However, please begin looking at images that draw you deeply.

You may not know why but, rip out or cut out and bring them with you for your personal use or to add to the group images.

Also, please bring your journal, about 10- 20 of your cards (the cards that want to come).
To register, please text, email or go to:


My hime
123 Iron Bark Ct
Collegeville , PA 19426 (us)
Phone: 610-613-4447

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February 2, 2020 - 11:00am - 4:00pm