Katherine L. Ziegler

Facilitator since March 15, 2009

Katherine L. Ziegler
San Leandro, California 94577 (United States)
P 510-564-6147


I've been a psychologist for decades (CA Lic #PSY11596), including my years of work with executives. I was certified in 2005 as an executive coach, and now provide growth-oriented psychotherapy, and coach for personal development, at my San Leandro, CA office.  I love all the arts, graphic and performing--have immersed myself in drawing, collage, watercolor, fabric arts, poetry (published in periodicals), photography, acting, screenwriting, some training in directing. I made one short narrative film, shot and edited two YouTube videos of Seena Frost, and assistant-edited her "Invitation to SoulCollage, Part One."

My focus has always been full self-awareness and the lifelong process of developing all facets of one's nature, using problem situations as fuel for this essential flame. For me this is not only a practical benefit but also a spiritual practice, so I've been a student of the Diamond Approach® since 1995 (www.ridhwan.org). I'm thrilled with how SoulCollage® combines these two loves, doing art and following the thread of personal development.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I use SoulCollage® image work, card-making, and collager-directed card consultations with individual clients and groups as well as with friends and colleagues. It gets right to the heart of current challenges and core beliefs about self and the world. SoulCollage® cards are also good visual anchors for personal and transpersonal strengths and in developing our work from session to session. They're a powerful adjunct to journaling, and a reminder of a consultation's guidance that helps in actually living it out day to day.

In groups, doing SoulCollage® encourages bonding and community, talking about what's real for each person, and dissolving conflicts through greater understanding. It heightens the adventure of self-discovery to collage and do readings in a group. I love the spacious, deeply absorbed, restful, generative atmosphere it creates. Seems to slow things down to organic time; that's probably why it feels physically nourishing.

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I love the sheer aesthetics of it, working with colors, forms, unusual juxtapositions of different images. Then the "I Am One Who" is startling in its power to uncover the heart, open the mind to fresh perspectives, or reveal an entirely new inner landscape.

Making cards can jump me into focus on a part of myself I hardly knew existed. It may be causing trouble whose source I have not known; it may be a potent shifter of mood or attitude for the better. When not doing a full reading, I've been drawing two cards as Seena does, to start the day, shed light on a dilemma, or ease an upset--it works! When its meaning and effect are not immediately obvious, letting it speak through a formal I Am One Who... or paying attention to my dreams the next night or so brings an "Aha!"

Sometimes I call on other inner guides, challengers, allies (as Seena called them) to help a certain part of myself or shed light on an inner conflict I have not been able to resolve, using the Healing Circle taught by Mariabruna Sirabella. I select a card to represent the problem. Then I draw seven more from my deck at random, sight unseen, to let my unconscious wisdom have a say--since conscious choice of what would help would come from my ego (which after all has not been able to solve the problem!). This has been remarkably healing.

Making cards has brought me deeply moving and transformative encounters with aspects of my higher self--especially, again, parts I hardly knew existed. SoulCollage® readings enhance my other growth work. Fascinating to watch a card express itself differently in different readings, mine and those of others. It's like turning a kaleidoscope and watching a whole new world fall into place, and it deepens my understanding of that card. The road goes ever on--it's also absorbing to watch my worldview and my capacities evolve over time as I continue to make and consult my cards.

Other Notes

I give SoulCollage® workshops/groups mostly around the San Francisco, CA Bay Area, in my San Leandro office and with private groups and work teams on their premises. As Assistant Editor for SoulCollage, Inc.'s two online newsletters, I curate and edit articles by SoulCollagers and write about people's life-shifting experiences with SoulCollage®. I've begun using SoulCollage® to track longer-term growth processes.