Kathleen Grittner

Facilitator since June 13, 2010

Kathleen Grittner
Full Circle Retreat
Viroqua, Wisconsin 54665 (United States)
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I became a SoulCollage® facilitator after five years of personal practice making cards and hosting SoulCollage® retreats at my rural home, Full Circle Retreat, with Audrey Chowdhury. For me, SoulCollage® is a continuation of a lifelong interest in making/creating, knowing myself and others more fully, and engaging with the mystery and beauty of nature.

I have always had a strong urge to create and make things. In high school I took as many art classes as I could, began practicing yoga, keeping a dream journal and studying spiritual and cultural traditions other than my own.  In college I pursued my interests in the visual arts and studied philosophy, psychology, literature, and world religions.

For several years after college I taught art and sold the things I created. Along the way, I realized that what I enjoyed most was assisting others in creating their own art; the creative process itself is what I find most intriguing. I began to see how art expresses subtle qualities and mirrors aspects of life that we often overlook or are not fully aware of. Fascinated by the self-reflective quality of spontaneous image making, I lost interest in the traditional techniques I learned in college and found myself gravitating towards so-called primitive and intuitive art forms. Attracted by the transformational nature of art making, I began to study art therapy and completed a master’s degree in 1997. 

Today I continue to allow curiosity to be my guide and follow my inclinations toward the teachings, research, spiritual and cultural practices that attract my attention. I am especially interested in where neuroscience, the Enneagram and spiritual practice meet. My many years of personal experiences with the creative process,  SoulCollage® and the Enneagram is what I bring to the retreats and workshops that I lead. I enjoy sharing what I have found to be useful navigational assistance along the way towards personal growth, self-healing and reuniting with our essence.

I currently serve on the board of the Minnesota Chapter of The International Enneagram Association. In 2012, I completed the Full Circle Enneagram Training and Certification Program with Anne Muree and have studied the Enneagram with Helen Palmer, Marion Gilbert, Russ Hudson, Gerry Wagner, Beatrice Chestnut, Katy Taylor and Dave Hall.


Description of SoulCollage® work

I see SoulCollage®  as a beautiful visual component to the work of the Enneagram. I feel they are natural companions that provide insight and help us to move gently along our growth path. I combine these two modalities along with various centering/meditation/contemplative practices into the workshops and retreats that I lead. My intention is to provide the opportunity to create, explore and learn in community while we develop our unique gifts and cultivate our full human potential. 

love to share the dynamic SoulCollage® process with others and welcome you to attend one of my scheduled events or to contact me to arrange a workshop, retreat or ongoing circle for your group at your place or mine.  I also am happy to meet with you individually, for a personal consultation with your cards and/or to explore your personality structure with you through the lens of the Enneagram. 

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

One of my favorite ways to spend a day inside is to put on beautiful music, have a cup of tea, and make SoulCollage®cards. It nourishes me on all levels of being. My body relaxes as I look at images and play around arranging them. My mind calms and easily slips into that blissful “no time” zone where thinking, planning, and doing drop away. Where space for my creative, intuitive self opens, is free to play, be curious and recognized. 

SoulCollage® helps me to stay in touch with what is truely important and meaningful, to accept what is, and to cultivate deeper compassion for myself and others. I enjoy this simple, creatively satisfying activity and value the guidance I receive in the process. My cards/images speak to me on the soul level. They provide navigational assistance through life's ups and downs and illuminate the next step on the path toward living an authentic life wholeheartedly.

  • Generational Healing with the Enneagram and SoulCollage® : You, Your Mother, and Your True Self 

    This retreat is for women of all ages, who want to bring more joy to their life, connect with their creativity, and to live the life that is waiting for them. It is about claiming our power as women and coming back to ourselves.

    You will get clarity about ways in which your mother‘s history continues to influence your choices, health, beliefs and life. We will explore the spoken and unspoken messages and repeating family patterns passed on to us by our foremothers. We will create a space for healing and returning to our true nature using the Enneagram tool and SoulCollage®.

    We will further enhance our journey with feminine ways of learning; storytelling, ritual, music, imagination, intuition, spontaneous art making and much laughter.

    In the library of every woman’s life our mother is the first book read and the last book put down.

    Presenter, Anne Muree is a transformational and spiritual coach, Enneagram educator and SoulCollage® facilitator. She is a master teacher and has been facilitating adult groups for 30 years.  Mother/daughter relationships through the lens of the Enneagram are of special interest for Anne, and she has been conducting these workshops for 10 years. Anne has studied and used the Enneagram in her work for 20 years. She is certified to teach the Enneagram by Helen Palmer and Dr. David Daniels and Don Riso and Russ Hudson. Anne has also studied with Claudio Naranjo. She is active in the Minnesota IEA Chapter and has served on the board of the International Enneagram Association.

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