Kellie McComb

Facilitator since October 21, 2016

Facilitator trainer since August 26, 2018.

Kellie McComb
43 Silver St
Paris, Ontario N3L1T7 (Canada)
P 519-442-9950


I have a Bachelor's of Theology from St. Stephen's College in Alberta and I have been a minister in the United Church of Canada since 2001.  While studying at St. Stephen's College, I also took several courses in Art Therapy.  In 2010, I graduated as a Spiritual Director from the Haden Institute, in Niagara Falls, Canada.  I have always integrated Art into my life and in 2011 when I discovered SoulCollage® the integration continued to deepen.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I have a small group that meets monthly to make cards, do readings and share in this creative spiritual process.  Last year, I lead a four part series on the Seasons of the Soul through SoulCollage®.  Together we explored what each of the four Season has to teach us about life and the movements within our soul.  For the last couple of years I have been a workshop leader at "Ministry in Motion" and in the fall at "The Niagara Youth Festival."  I enjoy leading workshops, retreats and trainings.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss hosting a SoulCollage® event in your area.

Trainer Statement

I first discovered SoulCollage® in 2011 when I was taking a course with Wisdom University.  I love how the creative process of SoulCollage® deepens my connection with the Divine and my understanding of my personal life journey.  I am inspired by what I learn through teaching others this amazing spiritual creative process.  

I am a minister in the United Church of Canada and I trained Spiritual Director with the Haden Institute.  All my life, I have been a creative soul who loves various art forms.  Creativity is in my DNA and I engage the creative process in my work and play.  

I wish you well on your creative journey and hope your life is enhanced by the creative transformational process of SoulCollage®.  


Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I am continually amazed at how SoulCollage® strengthens my personal journey in life.  I find the process of card making, meditative and grounding me into my own inner process.  This creative intuitive process has changed my life.  I enjoy working with my deck and I love having my cards on an app so I can take them anywhere I travel.  I am inspired each time I learn a new way of working with my deck and I enjoy sharing this process with others. 

Other Notes


    St. Brigid’s Villa, Ignatius Jesuit Centre

    5420 Hwy #6 North



    Kellie McComb, SoulCollage® Trainer


    St. Brigid’s Villa is the gathering place for June's SoulCollage® Facilitator's Training and it is surrounded by lush farm land and beautiful walking trails on the property of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre. 



    SoulCollage® is a creative, intuitive process for personal growth, healing and transformation.  As you add to your deck and continue to work with your cards, you will continue to learn and grow and evolve with this amazing process.  As a facilitator, you will join a world-wide network of people who share their ideas, experience and love of SoulCollage® with others.


    Who might benefit from a SoulCollage® Facilitator Training

    • Anyone who would like to use SoulCollage® with groups such as; seniors, hospice, school, expressive arts, church groups etc., is welcome to register.
    • Professionals who work as therapists, nurses, clergy, grief counsellors, art therapists, social workers and are inspired to use the SoulCollage® process personally or in their profession with their clients.
    • No degree or other credentials are required to attend a SoulCollage® Training.


    What the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training Covers

    • How to facilitate SoulCollage® card-making, including ways to encourage personal growth without self-criticism.
    • How to create a safe and welcoming space for participants
    • Ways to adapt the process to different individual issues and different populations.
    • Demonstration of ceremonial work with SoulCollage® cards.
    • Discussion about how to use the internet to support and encourage SoulCollage® community and an introduction to the resources that can be found in the Facilitators section of the website.
    • Help in envisioning a plan for facilitating SoulCollage® that fits your own passions, intentions, and competencies.
    • Ways to promote your SoulCollage® workshops.
    • Ethical challenges that might arise when one is working with individuals and groups using the powerful spiritual and personal images of SoulCollage®.



    Early Bird Registration Fee is CDN $850 if received by April 1, 2019. A deposit of CDN $450 is required to reserve your spot.  After April 1, 2019, the full fee is CDN $895.  FULL PAYMENT OF YOUR REGISTRATION IS DUE MAY 1, 2019.

    SoulCollage® Facilitators who are Circle Members and wish to renew their Training will receive a 40% discount.  A limited number of spaces are available. 

    The Training Fee of CDN $895 includes the following:

    During the training

    • All training sessions (24 hours total)
    • A copy of the 106 page SoulCollage® Training Manual
    • An abundance of supplies to make SoulCollage® Cards
    • Three Lunches, with Coffee and Tea available throughout the training

    After the training

    • A one-year membership with SoulCollage® Inc., the SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Circle (which includes 40% discount on products and supplies through Hanford Mead
    • Access to Facilitator resources on the Facilitators’ part of the website
    • Subscription to the SoulCollage® Facilitator monthly e-newsletter: the Netter Letter
    • Opportunity to join the Ontario Facilitators’ Regional Group and the Facilitators Facebook Group
    • Follow up support from Kellie

    Your transportation, accommodations, and meals other than those listed above are not included.

    Once you have completed the training, you will receive a certificate and you will be entitled to use the SoulCollage® trademark and logo to advertise and share the process with individuals and groups following the principles of SoulCollage®.

    Payment will be received by cheque or e-transfer.  Please email Kellie to register at



    A full refund less CDN $150 administration fee will be issued up until May 1, 2019.  No Refund will be issued for cancellations after May 1, 2019.  If a sudden emergency should arise and prevent you from attending the training, 60% of the training fee can be transferred to another training led by Kellie McComb within the next 12 months.  You may also choose to find someone to take your place, provided they meet all of the prerequisites.

    Attendance is required at the entire 24 hour training in order to receive a certificate of completion so please give yourself ample travel time when making your plans.  No refund or transfer will be issued if you are not present for the full training.



    1. Read SoulCollage® Evolving
    2. Listen to Seena Frost's two basic CDs (Introduction to SoulCollage® and Facilitating SoulCollage® in Groups) - Both are also available for purchase and digital download at the iTunes store.
    3. Make several cards for your own deck in three of the suits (one card in the Companions Suit is sufficient).  We want you to have a working knowledge of the SoulCollage® process, its structure of suits, and its Principles
    4. Experience SoulCollage®!  Mariabruna Sirabella, SoulCollage® Trainer, has said that making cards without reading them is like preparing a delicious meal and not eating it. We would like you to have enjoyed your meal by

    If you decide to sign up for this Training, please schedule your time to complete these prerequisites. Your Trainer and your Training colleagues will appreciate that you have completed the basics before you come. 

    This four-day SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is required in order to call yourself a SoulCollage® Facilitator and your groups SoulCollage® Groups. Please read Principles of SoulCollage® and SoulCollage® FAQ. If you want to use SoulCollage® in your work, you must prepare for and complete all sessions of the Facilitator Training.



    • Registration begins at 9:30 am on Tuesday and the Training will start promptly at 10:30 am.  The Training will end at 12:30 pm on Friday.
    • Please make sure you arrive on time and can stay until the end of the training.  The entire 24 hours of Training are required in order to receive a certificate of completion.
    • Your personal SoulCollage® deck of cards.  All supplies including 5x8 cards, glue, scissors and images will be provided.  If you would prefer to work with your own supplies, please feel free to bring them.
    • A journal or note pad and something to write with.
    • Comfortable clothing.
    • A refillable water bottle.



    Kellie McComb is an Artist, Spiritual Director and Minister in the United Church of Canada who enjoys integrating creativity, intuition and spirituality into all aspects of life.  She was first introduced to SoulCollage® in 2011 and became a Facilitator in 2016.  Kellie has been leading workshops and retreats for all ages for over 20 years.



    There are several hotels, B&Bs and restaurants in the area. 

    London House B&B is near by and many SoulCollage® Facilitators have enjoyed staying there.

    I hope you will join us in the world wide SoulCollage® Facilitators’ Circle!



    Ignatius Jesuit Centre
    5420 Hwy 6 N
    Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2

    Facilitator Info
    June 11, 2019 - 9:30pm - June 14, 2019 - 12:30pm