Kiala Givehand

Facilitator since January 31, 2019


Kiala Givehand, MFA, Ed.S., is a double Capricorn, ambivert who grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida where she learned to appreciate and respect hurricanes, humidity, and the transformational powers of the sun, the moon, and the ocean. She is a bookbinder, artist, and creative life & business strategist living in Pensacola, Florida where she passionately serves women who are ready to empower themselves, manifest their soul’s purpose, and live life unapologetically.


Kiala teaches Bookbinding, Writing/Poetry, Creative Business Planning, and Intuitive Journaling and now SoulCollage®, online and in various places around the U.S. She hosts retreats and destination workshops around the U.S. and beyond with her yoga-teaching husband. Together they have hosted, taught, and trained groups all over the United States as well as in Barcelona, Spain; Jamaica; and the Bahamas. Kiala has a 20+ year teaching and training career at the K-12 and College levels. She is a Right Brain Business Plan® Licensed Facilitator and holds several other certifications in various self-discovery tools. She is currently completing her first Zodiacal certification in Alchemical Astrology. Kiala is a published poet, is featured in Jennifer Lee’s second book, Building Your Business the Right Brained Way, and has been interviewed for more than 10 virtual summits.


Kiala surrounds herself with ordinary humans who live extraordinary lives and gathers with people who allow her to laugh & love uncontrollably. She believes her life-work is to build a global community of confident and mindful women of all ages who understand the power of both collaboration and self-sufficiency. She is the creator of the Mixed Media Inspiration Deck™, publisher of Generations Literary Journal,  and author of several ebooks including Five Steps to Picking the Perfect Accountability Buddy, and A Journaling Journey: 30 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Creativity Volume 1, which is the first in a 4 volume set designed to enhance your daily journaling practice and help you reconnect to your creative source. Kiala’s online school is where she brings together all of her passions and gathers women from all over the world to share their gifts, talents, and passions. Check out Kiala's Book-in-a-Day series on YouTube and follow her online shenanigans at and on Instagram (@kialagives).

Description of SoulCollage® work

I see SoulCollage® as a powerful tool that allows me to demystify creativity and self-discovery so that others can experience personal transformation. No artistic ability or prior experience is necessary for SoulCollage® to help us access the deep wisdom and knowing that lives in each of us. Combined with poetry, mindfulness, self-compassion, and self-care, the process of discovering, deepening, or reconnecting to our intuition can be easy, fun, and non-threatening. I enjoy holding space for women to explore the sacred elements of “the self” by slowing down and listening to the inner wisdom that can often be drowned out by the day to day tasks of living. My only desire, in all of my workshops, is that I offer a space for authentic and positive connection to others and to ALL parts of self (yes!! I love conversations about the shadow self). My workshops are designed to give time for excavating life experiences, documenting ideas & images, and fostering self-acceptance while building the intuitive connections we each have, and giving each participant a chance to be heard, seen, and witnessed without judgement or regret.  SoulCollage® cards are a beautiful way to bring life more meaning and more balance.


Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I have been using cards and card decks of all kinds since my early 20s when I was looking for inspiration and prompts for writing. Eventually, I started to see how the cards were powerful because they helped me hear my own inner voice more clearly and more loudly. I have eagerly added my SoulCollage® cards to this process because they were created by ME with MY SOUL’s imprint on them. They hold my energy and help guide me in ways that no other card deck can do. I come to my SoulCollage® cards when I need to hear myself more confidently. I know the answers live inside me, the cards are a way for me to access those answers more quickly and without concern for whether I am reading the cards the way someone else intended me to read them. I have added card making to my list of ways to meditate and to gain a sense of peace in the midst of a busy, over-stimulating world. For years I told myself that I did not know how to create a collage. Now, I believe in my ability to create collaged cards that speak from the artist in ME and gives me permission to play, explore, and discover. SoulCollage® has unlocked a voice that I didn’t know lived inside me and I meet it with joy and gratitude.