Kirsten Jones

Facilitator since March 15, 2009

Kirsten Jones
Madison, Wisconsin 53704 (United States)
P 805.804.0820


Hi, my name is Kirsten.  I am - what I have fun calling - a "kreatuitive". That's my gift, blessing, passion, genius, craft (ok, I admit it, my obsession at times too! ;) And I love sharing it with others! Creating with my hands is bliss.

Professionally I've been working/playing in creative collaboration with others for about 35 years. As a designer, maker and facilitator, I LOVE guiding others in the amazing process of SoulCollage®!  I am also a costume designer and maker.

I would be delighted to work with you individually and/or your group or team! 

Description of SoulCollage® work

This is the fastest way I have experienced to connect deeply with self, and to create meaningful and fulfilling sense of connection with others when in a group setting.

I guide individuals and groups on fun, easy and powerful creative journeys of self-discovery.  Private sessions; creative Celebrations (party & blessingway events); Intro & Series workshops are available.

It always amazes and delights me how every card created by the people who I have the honor of facilitating, is so beautiful and insightful for the individual maker and for the other participants as well.  Many of the folks who I work with were self-proclaimed "not-artists" but the truth is everyone can make SoulCollage® cards and each and everyone has been pleasantly suprised to find the artist within themselves is actually alive and well, relishing this way of expressing themselves!

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

Since March of 2009 I have created over 300 SoulCollage® cards in my personal oracle deck.  It is an ongoing practice I dive into on a weekly basis solo and with friends. It's become one of my healthy living practices! 

Other Notes

Creatively Yours!