Laurie Pollack

Facilitator since March 18, 2012


I have been practicing SoulColla6ge® since 2006 and have made over 250 cards.

I believe that we are all artists and that SoulCollage® is a wonderful way to create beauty and know our own inner beauty. I also believe in "sacred surprise": the unexpected "turn" that art can take when we let go of our original intention and follow our intuition, letting it happen. I believe in creating art from intuition rather than perfection or following "rules" of how it "should be".  There are no mistakes. Listen to your heart not your inner critic. In a diverse world we need to realize that we are all different, and we are all whole and exactly as the Creator intended us to be!

In addition to being a facilitator, I recently completed a Certification in Transformative Language Arts Fundamentals. Poetry is a love of mine, I self published a book of poems in 2006, have a poetry blog and a Facebook poetry page, and also enjoy offering occasional workshops in nature based haiku.

I maintain the website for a local peace center and am involved in the local peace movement.

Recently I have become involved locally in other movements seeking peaceful change in these complex times. As a practitioner of an earth-centered spiritual path, I believe strongly in the connection between changing ourselves by honoring our creativity and its Source, and bringing peace, and healing to the Earth (and ourselves). Art can be a wonderful way for activists or anyone seeking healing, to rekindle hope and reconnect with self.

I believe also that we live in a wonderfully diverse world for a reason, and that all human lives are sacred and of infinite value. We must honor each other's sacredness if we are to create peace!