Lora W. Dail

Facilitator since October 8, 2015

Lora W. Dail
Jasper, AR
Jasper, Arkansas 72641 (United States)


Welcome to Lora's SoulCollage® page! 

I'm glad you are here and can not wait to help you "Discover your Wisdom and Change your World!"

Background -

My life is the backdrop for one of my favorite SoulCollage® cards, who I call The Adventureress.

My father was a Traveler, he loved adventure and 'The Journey.' 

My mother was an Artist who taught me to love Nature.

Thanks to both, I love to travel well off the beaten path.  My maiden name, Walden, truly inspired me to take the road less traveled.

I was born in the scenic state of West Virginia, home to beautiful mountains and clear, deep rivers.  Four years in Puerto Rico instilled a deep love for the Caribbean Sea and island living.  Deep study in central Mexico added an abiding love for that country.

I began to study photography in high school (in the days of film) and studied photojournalism in college.  I earned a BA in Journalism from Texas A&M University and had a great career as a Technical Writer.  I've written operator manuals for refineries, safety manuals for the Space Station, and an amazing array of documents for Fortune 500 and 100 companies. 

The Madness -

To share the many blessings of our life, my husband and I decided to adopt two older girls. 

Unfortunately, ours was not a Hallmark, Made-for-TV story.  For six years we tried to love and parent two very broken girls through their trauma and mental illness.  At the expense of everything else, we put their needs above our own.  To no avail. 

We were recently able to reunite the girls with their biological mother and fully support their efforts to 'heal' their family.

My Peace -

During the chaos of their madness, I found SoulCollage® and tremendous insight to myself; to my reactions to the girls, and into the complete isolation that parenting beautiful, but broken, children engenders.

I found that by acknowledging my anger, disappointment, and disillusionment, I was better able to care for them, myself, and the rest of our family.

And Now....

These days, I pick and choose freelance writing opportunities, but find that I've lost the drive to bust it all the time in a black and white world.  I want to be surrounded by beauty and Nature; to be peaceful in my life.

SoulCollage® truly saved my sanity.  The process and self-discovery is a gift and demands to be shared.  I am thrilled and honored to be a facilitator and have the ability to nurture this gift in others. 

Description of SoulCollage® work

I found SoulCollage® when looking for anything that would help a beautiful life turned upside down by mental illness and trauma.

Finding SoulCollage® was not easy; no one wants to 'help' someone in 'outside of the box' ways; I didn't need therapy, I didn't need parenting help; I needed the nurturing love and support only I could give myself.

I learned how important self-knowledge is to self-preservation.

The theraputic value of naming and honoring all of our parts is immesurable!  It's fun to have a little piece of myself 'pop up' and demand some recognition!  And the peaceful feeling that comes over you once you make the card is amazing!

I love the happy surprises, too, of little reminders; a Pac-man shaped rock when I've been thinking about my dad, or a reference to something that could only come from my mom.

Helping others identify, honor, and understand all of their bits and pieces is the beauty of being a SoulCollage® facilitator.  I love bringing people 'together' with themselves!

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I LOVE having these beautiful, visual reminders of my life, loves, and self!  Each day when I pull a card to serve as my 'companion' for the day, I feel I hug that little piece of myself.

The deep exploration of self, the deeper understanding of my movtivations, and the beauty that's encompassed by these cards is profound.  SoulCollage® makes me a better, happier person.  I want to do good, I can't be in a bad mood, and the beauty inside of me demands release!

I've never experienced such a positive, uplifting, process! 

Other Notes

SoulCollage® is non-denominational!  Peoples of all, or no, faith use this process! 

It is not voodoo, or woo woo, or anything that contradicts any religious teaching.  Don't be afraid of this amazing process!


  • Introduction to SoulCollage®

    This is an introductory group session for anyone interested in learning about SoulCollage®.

    It is a quick overview of the process and a chance for you to ask questions and learn more!   I will introduce you to SoulCollage® cards, the process, and then we'll make at least one card!

    The class is limited to 6 people and the cost is $55.  Please email to reserve your spot. (These fill up quickly!).  You can invite your friends or meet new people!

    I provide everything you'll need to make cards, coffee/water/snack, and a safe place to explore this new process.

    You bring yourself without any judgement; you don't have to be an artist, this comes from your soul; what you create will be perfect! 

    If you journal, you'll want to bring yours!


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