Lorraine Haataia

Facilitator since September 14, 2017

Lorraine Haataia
office/studio based in
San Jose, California 95126 (United States)


I enjoy reading, writing and engaging people in lifelong learning. I've earned six college degrees, participated in countless seminars and conferences, including outdoor survival school in the mountains of Vancouver, BC. I've been a professor and corporate trainer. I've lived in France and China and traveled to dozens of other countries. I love to engage people of all ages and cultures in learning opportunities. 

I've always enjoyed photography, design, journaling, and collage, so when I first learned about SoulCollage®, I was immediately attracted to the process. As I got guidance from a SoulCollage® facilitator in making my first SoulCollage® card, I knew right away that I wanted to make more. Shortly thereafter, I attended SoulCollage® facilitator training so that I could lead others in making their own SoulCollage® card deck. 

Description of SoulCollage® work

As a SoulCollage® facilitator, I help participants access their intuition and create incredible decks of cards with deep personal meaning that helps them with life's questions and transitions. Making SoulCollage® cards is easy and fun, yet such a powerful tool for discovering inner wisdom. It's a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do. What begins as simple and creative fun often surprises and awakens participants. 

SoulCollage® is a valuable therapeutic tool which can be used in many contexts and applications. My specialization includes working with artists, college students, designers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, photographers, musicians, seniors, startups, and writers in the areas of creative problem solving, journaling, spiritual growth and writing. Participants frequently report that they feel happier, get more connected with their community, improve their health, resolve relationship issues, overcome hurdles that have been holding them back, and increase trust among team members or colleagues. You can do SoulCollage® individually. However, the process is greatly enhanced by working within a team, group or community.

I offer workshops on location at businesses, churches, colleges, libraries, nonprofit centers, private homes, schools, senior living facilities, spiritual centers, and retreat centers. 

In the majority of my workshops, I do some video recording and offer participants the opportunity to share their stories and the benefits they experience by connecting with the SoulCollage® community. 

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

I've made many SoulCollage® cards. Each one has its own voice and energy. Each one has a way of reaching deep into my soul providing powerful messages from my subconscious.

As I draw cards from my SoulCollage® deck for inspiration during journaling and doing readings, I'm always surprised with the wisdom and guidance they provide. The process of shifting into these other perspectives from within has a way of healing the mind. It has also given me a means to enhance spiritual growth.

Because I have experienced so many benefits through the process, I love sharing SoulCollage® with others.