Marcia Chadly

Facilitator since June 24, 2007

Facilitator trainer since April 8, 2018.

Marcia Chadly
Creative Life Center
8778 Wolff Court, Suite 207
Westminster, Colorado 80031 (United States)
P 303-390-1223


Creating is my delight.  

Connection (with self, others, and the Mystery around and in us) is my passion.

SoulCollage® and the labyrinth are trusted companions on my journey.  We have fun together as they connect me with my heart and inner wisdom and I create my unique path in the world.

I have been guiding others to create lives they enjoy using SoulCollage® since 2007 when I was trained as a Facilitator by Seena Frost and Kylea Taylor. 

That was the beginning of a change of direction that led me to leave my engineering career and co-found a heart-centered small business in 2013.  As Transformation Midwife at the Creative Life Center, I offer space and guidance for people to have fun as they discover and step into their unique greatness.  Video, one of my favorite tools, allows me to share and create community with people around the world. 

I was excited to take a new step in my SoulCollage® journey in 2018 and become a Trainer of Facilitators.   Empowering new Facilitators to step into their greatness and create their own unique way to share SoulCollage® is an amazing privilege, and it is such fun!

I continue to marvel at the power and simplicity of this process and value using it personally as well as sharing it with others.


Please contact me directly by phone or email. Email contact using the Contact form through this site often mistakenly goes to my email spam folder.

Description of SoulCollage® work

I enjoy offering sharing SoulCollage® online and in-person in the Denver/Boulder, Colorado area through the Creative Life Center.  I give Facilitator Trainings in Colorado and other locations in the US. 

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Trainer Statement

Empowering new Facilitators to step into their greatness and create their own unique way to share SoulCollage® is an amazing privilege, and it is such fun!

I offer Trainings in Colorado and other locations in the US.  Please reach out if you would like a Training near you.

Is becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator in your future?  Click here for a free guide to get you started on your Facilitator journey!   You'll receive 5 tips to get the most out of Facilitator Training and a list of handy SoulCollage® resources. 

Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

After reading the book and making a few cards, I started a SoulCollage® group that has been meeting for over 12 years.  

My favorite way to make cards is to cut and paste without a plan and see who shows up. Doing readings in a group or by myself is an amazing experience that supports me in all areas of my life. 

Other Notes

SoulCollage® resources for you to enjoy:

When you start sharing pictures of your cards online or in social media, you’ll want to be careful what images you use.  Here is a helpful blog post that includes sources for photos that you can share freely. 

Click here - Card making tips and techniques Videos

Click here - Card reading tips and techniques videos

  • When you see one, look around and you'll find the other.

    Hello and Goodbye: A SoulCollage® Retreat Day
    Saturday, April 4th from 9 am to 3 pm

    The heads of two giraffes looking in opposite directions

    Hello and goodbye are often viewed as two separate things, but really they always show up together!

    Where are hello and goodbye playing together in your life?

    • Making changes in your life is a hello to a new you and a goodbye to the old way of being.
    • Moving is a goodbye to old places and connections and a hello to new possibilities.
    • Retirement (or a new job) is a hello to a new way of using your time and defining yourself and a goodbye to a role, job or activity you have been doing.
    • Losing someone in your life is a goodbye to the time you spent together and a hello to recreating life in new ways.
    • Beginning a new relationship is a hello to new connection and activities as well as a goodbye to how you lived your life before that relationship.

    Every day you say hello to new experiences and possibilities and goodbye to what happened yesterday.

    Come enjoy a day of fun experiences guiding you into deeper connection with hello, goodbye, and their dynamic relationship.   The insights you will gain will empower you to move through your own hellos and goodbyes with deeper understanding, ease, and grace.

    Register now to be part the fun! $124

    Receive an Early Bird Gift (a pack of 12 blank SoulCollage® cards) when you register before March 16th.

    More information and registration here: 

    Treat yourself to a SoulCollage® event through Creative Life Center.  Marcia provides a wonderful and relevant-to-your-life experience.  Try it. You'll be back for more! Nancy R, Arvada, CO

    Creative Life Center
    8778 Wolff Court #207
    Westminster, Colorado CO
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    April 4, 2020 - 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Share your passion for the SoulCollage® process with others by becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator.

    Click here for a free guide to get you started on your Facilitator journey!   You'll receive 5 tips to get the most out of Facilitator Training and a list of handy SoulCollage® resources. 

    Facilitator Training gives you a deeper understanding of the variety of ways to share SoulCollage® in the world, to groups and to individuals.   

    Facilitators come from all races, colors, gender identities/expressions, ages, religions/spiritual traditions, and countries.  They have many different backgrounds and professions including spiritual directors, healers, coaches, engineers, activists, therapists, artists, and teachers. 

    Four women about to do a SoulCollage® Reading.

    Training Content

    Facilitator Training focuses on preparing you to be an effective and empowering SoulCollage® Facilitator.  Topics covered include:

    • Sharing the SoulCollage® process
    • Facilitation practices, including self care
    • Workshop content and creation
    • Social media and other marketing tools

    Reflections by Past Participants

    The overall experience was fantastic!  The opportunity to meet others and share experiences, share insights was invaluable.  ~Sara Whicker, CO

    Marcia is an experienced and adept facilitator.  Her commitment to thoroughness and excellence was apparent.  She not only taught and facilitated, she also modeled through the entire program.  ~Clara Morris, CO

    I departed from this experience feeling energized and eager to facilitate SoulCollage® groups.  Thanks to our Facilitator Marcia Chadly; her enthusiasm and excitement for the "SoulCollage®" process is contagious!  ~Denise Grossman, IL

    I have a much better understanding of how to engage people in their own self-discovery process. I truly feel confident in my ability now to deliver my own programming. I am ready to move forward.  ~ Susan G., WI

    I have attended a lot of trainings.  The pace, the content, the style of presentation, and the benefits we receive upon completion exceeded my expectations.  ~Katy T.,  Washington


    The Training begins at 6:00 pm on Friday night, July 17th and ends at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, July 21st. 

    Location: Training sessions will be held in Arvada, Colorado with easy access from Boulder, Denver, and the Denver airport.  Housing and most meals are your choice.

    Headshot of a smiling woman in a bright multi-color jacket


    Marcia Chadly, Transformation Midwife at the Creative Life Center, has been guiding people into connection with their heart and inner wisdom using SoulCollage® for over 12 years.  She LOVES to train new Facilitators so they can share this amazing process with others!

    Click here for full information about the Training on the Creative Life Center website.

    Healing Arts Center
    6774 W. 66th Avenue
    Arvada, Colorado 80003
    United States

    Facilitator Info
    July 17, 2020 - 6:00pm - July 21, 2020 - 1:00pm