MariaCatalina Powell

Facilitator since May 25, 2018

MariaCatalina Powell
blúmariposa creative soul studios
Los Angeles, California 91364 (United States)
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MariaCatalina Powell is a Soul Coaching® Practitioner who has put her professional Foreign Language Educator career of 25 years on the side to continue to follow her soul’s calling and purpose in more creative and spiritual way.

Working with adults and children from around the world has allowed her to broaden her horizons and has helped her realize there is so much more out there she is able to do as an educator and guide moving beyond the black and white pages bringing in and sharing her own life experience in soul work and discovery.

MariaCatalina is a SoulCollage®, MeCards4Kids® and Veriditas® Labyrinth Facilitator, a Certified Angelologist, Angel Intuitive, Angel Guide and Advanced Angel Card Mastery Practitioner as well as a mixed media and Intuitive Artist/Facilitator and now a Certified Inner Harmony Forest Therapy® Practitioner.

MariaCatalina is the HEARTisan, SOULexplorer and creativeMIND behind blúmariposa creative art studios; a sanctuary which is a safe and magical place for people to explore their souls while also discovering the fascinating world of Angels. Offering a variety of gatherings including her signature workshops.

She brings wisdom and experience as a teacher and guide to her clients both adults and children to inspire and help them go within, connect to their soul, explore, understand, embrace, heal and thrive while they awaken to their soul's purpose through a variety of techniques. All her workshops are a magical fusion of intuition, imagination and color which allow her clients to tap into a world of enlightenment.


Her Soul Coaching® begins with a foundation in meditation and ends with an individualized experience where her clients awaken the light of their soul and bring out their potential so they can spark and manifest. She believes in personal GROWth and emPOWERment through Creativity and Spirituality.


MariaCatalina continues to follow her calling as she strongly believes to teach is to learn & to guide is to be guided and with this is mind, she creates deep transformations in every life she touches by encouraging and supporting people to open their wings and take flight!


Worshops and gatherings available in English and Spanish. Offerings in The United States and Colombia.


“Spark Your Soul, Manifest your wings.”


Personal work with own SoulCollage® cards

First of all, I learnt about SoulCollage® the day I walked into my first session. I had no idea what I had signed up for. I came across the workshop on the MeetUp app and decided to go to it the night before the event. I thought the workshop was for scrapbooking or something similar since I'm always into arts and crafts and mixed media.  

From the minute I created my very first SoulCollage® card, I was sold! I find the creation of the cards as well as the stories that come through them absolutely fascinating.

SoulCollage® is an eye opener or I should say a soul opener! It is the perfect combination of art and intuition with a spark of imagination. WOW! Every card develops a personality, has a message, and a connection to self. Each card touches the heart. Touches the soul. Each card heals. Every single one has a purpose and it comes through in perfect timing. 

I’ve worked with many decks in my card reading practice and now I finally have the opportunity to create my own which allows me to connect to self in a different and more personal level. The deck is my soul. Every time I create a new card, connect to the images and do the “I AM” exercise I’m left in complete AWE! The energy speaks loud and clear! Some neters are gentle and some very very strong. I love my cards. Every single one of them. I have over 100 and I can recognize them all. 

SoulCollage® called my name! It was what I had been looking for, but didn’t know. It began to show me a world that I now love and I enjoy being part of.

Nowadays I know FOR SURE it was a calling from above. My life changed that same day. Seena's incredible legacy has transformed my life. I continue to read her books, I continue to listen to her recordings, and I find myself creating more and more cards as I continue to dive into my soul and learn more about myself. I have become quite involved with the process. It is for sure a soul journey. I love it!

Now, as a Certified Facilitator I am able to share this amazing experience and knowledge with others. I teach SoulCollage® is an incredible journey of self discovery. My mission is to help others see this as a powerful tool we can use to create, to connect, to explore, to imagine, to acknowledge, to understand, to heal. Also to forgive, to improve, to love, to thrive. I reassure it is a fascinating path to soul awakening. I am also able to share my own life stories because from my own experience, I know SoulCollage® can be life changing in many levels and of course my mission is also to welcome others into this magical world of intuition, spirituality, and creativity.

My mission is to bring this art out beyond my doors. My mission is to reach and work with those in hardship and need. 

Worshops and gatherings available in English and Spanish. Offerings in The United States and Colombia.