Nancy Clingan

Facilitator since October 5, 2017

Nancy Clingan
Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro, Vermont, Vermont (United States)
P 802 275 2798


Peace of Wild Things

S O U L C O L L A G E , P O E T R Y & N A T U R E

Springfield, Vermont

S E P T E M B E R 1 2 - 1 5 , 2 0 1 9

with Nancy Clingan


Art therapy has been my passion for 40 years, I've served as a group facilitator and one on one counselor in several non-profits in Vermont.  Retired as of 2013, I was drawn to SoulCollage, and now offer workshops in Vermont in the summer and Oaxaca, Mexico in the winter. (what a life, right?)  You can reach me via email or by phone 802 275 2798.